When you wish upon a star….

By Victoria Scerbo | Sep 30, 2010

Last night as I walked up from my office at the bottom of our driveway, a driveway incidentally, that my husband Michael and I laid ourselves stone, by stone; I looked up at the sky I saw the most beautiful shining star located directly above the peak of our house. Now being an astrologer and sky watcher I knew that it was actually not a star but the planet Jupiter. In fact back on the 20th and 21st of September Jupiter was the closest to earth and brightest it would be until sometime in 2020. But despite knowing it was a planet, I wished upon it anyway.

There is something about wishing on a star that brings us back to childhood, a time in our lives when everything and anything was possible. When imagination reigned supreme and we never listened to the evening news! So in that moment of wishing I returned to that place, that place of awe and wonder, something I would suggest we all try. It certainly put me in a much happier place after a long day of paperwork.

The “grown-up” version of wishing , for those who find wishing silly, is called creative visualization. It’s the practice of visualizing what it is you want to attract into your life. It’s easy, just close your eyes and imagine what it is you want and picture yourself having it. Now although it’s not difficult to do, it does take some practice. You may need some visual aids. Try finding a picture of what you want or something that symbolizes what you want, if what you want is more intangible. For example, if you want a specific car, get a picture of it and one of you and create a collage of you standing next to your dream car. If you wish is for good health, look for a picture of yourself when you were fit and healthy or a picture that symbolizes health to you and study it until you can picture it when you close your eyes. Or if it’s peace of mind and serenity you wish for, find a picture that helps you feel peaceful and serene, maybe a lovely sunrise, a rainbow, or your favorite vacation picture.

The key to creative visualization is the feeling you get when you are either looking at the picture or seeing it in your mind’s eye. If it stirs you heart, then it’s stirring your imagination and you’re on the right track. 

So what did I wish for? Well, you know I can’t tell!

What I can do is make a new one for all my fellow villagers…

I wish for each and every one of us, health, happiness, abundance and peace of mind…now I better get going I have a lot of visualizing to do…



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