Wareham River closed to shellfishing until further notice

Jun 26, 2017

Per order of the Division of Marine Fisheries, the Wareham River is closed to shellfishing

The closure line is from Cromesett Point to Long Beach and includes: Marks Cove, Swift Beach, Swift Neck, Hamilton Beach, Broad Marsh River, Parkwood Beach, Crooked River, Standing Shores, Long Beach Management Area, Cromesett Point to Marks Cove.

The closure will remain in effect until approved by the Division of Marine Fisheries to reopen.

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Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jun 26, 2017 15:58

What is the reason?  The rain on Saturday?  Contamination?  Bacteria? Most of us avid shell fishing people are knowledgeable and deserve better info than this.  "Closed" isn't enough.  Please tell us why.  Thanks.

Posted by: Garry B. | Jun 26, 2017 22:29

Fecal Coliform counts came back higher than allowable by Dmf..  Heavy rains contributed, no reopening dates have been set by the state yet.  You can always call our office if you have questions 5082913100 x 3186

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jun 26, 2017 23:21

Thanks Gary.

Posted by: Garry B. | Jun 26, 2017 23:56

Anytime, hopefully it can be reopened before the weekend but regardless have a great holiday long weekend!

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