Wareham Public Schools issue early release for March 21

Mar 20, 2018

Wareham Public Schools issued an early release for March 21 because of the forecasted snowstorm.

Wareham High School and Wareham Middle School students will be released at 10 a.m. John W. Decas and Minot Forest Elementary students will be released at 10:50 a.m.

Preschool and all after school activities have been cancelled.

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Posted by: thkng60@yahoo.com | Mar 21, 2018 07:25

WOW- The kiddies are going to learn a lot today.


Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Mar 21, 2018 10:04

They are going to learn about how to get credit for something that they did not actually do.  That's a great life skill!  I think they get credit for a half day if they are in school until 10.  It's like a union employee that gets paid a minimum of 4 hours even if they get called in and work for just 20 mins!  They got to start that thought process young to ensure they master it by the time they have a job!

Posted by: Peaches0409 | Mar 21, 2018 11:41

You people are ridiculous. They are only thinking of the safety of the students. This storm was predicted to have started this morning. What about the kids who walk? You obviously have no concern for them trying to walk home while there are plows on the road.

How does this in any way effect your life? Seems you are just looking for something to complain about. Try world peace or hunger or homelessness.....

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Mar 21, 2018 12:52

for crying out loud Peaches, I have kids in the schools.  Of course I care about safety.  I just think 2 hours of school is silly! All that bus fuel!  For what?  It would have been safer and more cost effective if they just called it off for the day.   Why are we even having this conversation...it's 1:00 and looking bright and well above freezing where I am!  It ain't even raining ...nevermind snowning.  What a big media hyped up DUD!



Posted by: bob | Mar 21, 2018 14:51

Just wait,Sullivan will be closing town hall early and closing tomorrow....

Posted by: cranky pants | Mar 22, 2018 07:27

Raining again, cancel everything.

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