Wareham Police Chief Walsh on leave

Mar 30, 2018
Police Chief Kevin Walsh

Wareham Police Chief Kevin Walsh is currently on leave from his post.

Town Administrator Derek Sullivan confirmed the chief's off-duty status, but explained that he could not say more.

"We don't discuss personnel or personal matters," Sullivan said.

It is unclear when Walsh will return.

Walsh became the town's top cop in January of 2015. A lifelong Wareham resident, he has served on the department for more than three decades. He began his career as a seasonal officer and moved up through the roster, achieving the rank of lieutenant in the summer of 2010. Walsh stepped in as interim police chief in November of 2013, after former chief Richard Stanley announced his retirement.

The Wareham Police Department has two lieutenants, typically considered second-in-command, John Walcek and John Gerard.

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Posted by: thkng60@yahoo.com | Mar 30, 2018 18:20


Posted by: desertsky | Mar 30, 2018 18:42

Hmmm..live in the hood...car hasn't moved all week and no sign of the Chief. Hope he's ok..

Posted by: Phredzzz | Mar 31, 2018 15:16

Citizens have a right to know why a Taxpayer Paid Public employee is NOT showing up for work! Why all the secrecy ??

Posted by: bob | Mar 31, 2018 15:30

PHREDZZZ,Well call the TA, but he on his long weekend..Try calling him monday.....Good Luck...

Posted by: Phredzzz | Mar 31, 2018 16:01


Hoping you are just being a smart a-s and not playing the part of an ignorant bystander?

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Mar 31, 2018 16:12

Here's a suggestion, how about we don't speculate? You know how it goes. Today's speculation is tomorrow's rumor. Tomorrow's rumor bounces back the next day mistakenly stated as a fact and attributed to an article published online by Wareham Week.


Speculating about the reason the police chief is on leave is like speculating about why someone posting comments on Wareham Week uses a screen name instead of their real name. In both cases you can come up with a lot of theories that are wrong all while the answer lies in the individual's right to and/or wish for privacy.


Give it time, and if you are among those this weekend who are celebrating Easter or Passover or simply the promises and hope of spring enjoy the celebration and treasure the blessings the celebration represents.

Posted by: Brennan McKiernan | Apr 01, 2018 04:24

Considering his reputation and dedication to the town,  I think we can rule out him applying to be Chief somewhere else. And while Phredzzz and some others may feel we are owed an explanation, I say we cut him some slack,  assume it's something serious enough that he would take leave,  and offer thoughts and prayers for a good resolution and speedy return. The department doesn't have to give reasons as it may be medically related and he has the right to his privacy.  There has never been, to my knowledge,  any speculation about his commitment like there was with former chief Stanley,  so like Andrea says,  let's not plant the seeds of false rumors.

I have never had to know him in a professional capacity (if you know what I mean) but have coached against him in JBA and have made small talk with him at town events over the years. He's very approachable,  well liked,  and dedicated to making this town a better,  safer,  place to live. Come back soon,  Chief.


Posted by: Peaches0409 | Apr 01, 2018 11:55

Thank you Brennan for being the voice of reason. To the rest of you, it's personal and none of your business.

Posted by: OnsetTogether | Apr 01, 2018 16:38

Peaches we don’t know it’s personal. We don’t know it’s disciplinary. We don’t know anything. Patience is a virtue.

Posted by: thkng60@yahoo.com | Apr 02, 2018 05:42

If it's none of our business, then the story shouldn't have been printed.


Posted by: Steve Holmes | Apr 02, 2018 08:22

Brennan could not have said it better myself. Just hope the best folks for one of our own. Although they may be in the news business, i am not surprised to see the blurp in the newspaper. They could have waited to get the whole story. But its Easter and i guess we can give them a pass. Hope everything is OK. I became friends Awith Kevin when we worked together, and his family too. They are good people.

Posted by: Rjnjr09 | Apr 02, 2018 22:14

The chief may be an employee on the towns payroll, however, he is HUMAN and he deserves his privacy. If a fire fighter takes a leave of absence its no big deal. Everyone has there own life out of work, you just never know(e.x. illness, loss of a loved one, etc) who are we to judge. I still believe our department is safe and running under normal operations, under the minds/hands of our wonderful lieutenants and dispatching staff. Lets just pray (or whatever it is you do) to hope everything with Chief Walsh is okay.

Posted by: Cindy | May 01, 2018 20:00

So, it's been just over a month.  No update on the Chief.  While I hope everything is ok, my suspicion is there's a lot more to this story.  If it's PERSONAL, my hopes for a speedy recovery or resolution.   If it's PERSONNEL related, my hopes for transparency from the Town of Wareham.

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