Wareham Land Trust seeks to provide public access to new property

By Meghan Neely | Jun 02, 2018
Courtesy of: Wareham Land Trust Wareham Land Trust officials are looking to provide residents access to newly-acquired conservation land along the Stoney Run stream.

The Wareham Land Trust is looking for ways to expand its newly acquired property at Stoney Run and open it the public, according to trust Director Kevin Bartsch.

The piece of conservation land, which was donated to the land trust by the Narragansett Boy Scout Council in December, is 13.3 acres of undeveloped woodland and wetland that straddles the Stoney Run stream.

“It’s a beautiful moss-covered stream,” Bartsch said. “I don’t really think the pictures we have do it justice.”

During Town Meeting in October, voters approved spending $91,500 of Community Preservation Act funds to obtain another 6.6 acres of Stoney Run land on Main Street.

Land trust officials hope to now close on this property by mid-June. The Community Preservation Committee allocates funds every year for a variety of community projects. Each year, the committee allocates money through the state’s Community Preservation Act in four categories: open space, historic preservation, affordable housing and recreation. The money is raised through a surcharge on property tax bills. The state then matches a percentage of the town-raised money. Funds must be approved at Town Meeting.

Stoney Run starts near Wareham Crossing in West Wareham. It then travels underneath Main Street and feeds into the tidal Broad Marsh River, a tributary to the Wareham River estuary.

“Ecologically, this river is really big deal,” said Bartsch.

The stream supports movement corridors for fish and other wildlife species, including the American eel. Maintaining wetland buffers along the stream helps improve water quality by reducing runoff, said Bartsch.

The Wareham Land Trust is now looking to acquire more acreage along Stoney Run to improve these buffers.

“When you connect pieces of conservation land, you really improve your positive impact on the environment,” Bartsch said.

He noted the land trust will also be looking for grants so it can open up the joined conservation land to the public.

“Ideally, we want to build and maintain paths along Stoney Run that will be designed for senior and disabled residents,” Bartsch said.

Stoney Run is close to the Tremont Rehabilitation and Skilled Care Center, and according to Bartsch, residents there don’t have a lot of access to outdoor recreational spaces.

“We want there to be a place for them get out and enjoy nature,” Bartsch said. “We’re very happy with Stoney Run being that location.”

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Posted by: cranky pants | Jun 02, 2018 13:49

While on the topic of access to Wareham Land Trust property, is that gate at the start of Agawam road ever going to be open again or is all the land trust property out there only accessible by foot ?

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jun 02, 2018 15:46

Cranky-I plan to ask the office at Maple Park.  They graded and resurfaced Agawam Road from Glen Charlie up to the gate.  Seems like no "road repairs" are being done beyong the gate as per the sign on the gate.  As comments indicated on here earlier, this is likely another example of a few bad eggs ruining it for everyone!  I have loved it out there since the early 80s  when I was an elementary school kid!  Now my kid was just asking when we were going riding.  I hated saying possibly never! Riding responsibly was just one thing we enjoyed out there.  Most activities are non-motorized and could never be seen as an issue by anyone.  Fishing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, even picking wild grapes.  So frustrated about that gate!

Posted by: cranky pants | Jun 02, 2018 17:46

It's a prime location for truffle hunting too believe it or not. That area is still accessible from the Plymouth side, it's just a long ride out that way.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jun 02, 2018 18:54

Yes, it is accessible from Ply but I've never been comfortable driving that deep.  Coming from Glen Charlie, as soon as Agawam intersects with the gas lines it gets soft and narrow. Regular daily driver 4wd trucks can be challenged beyond that pointt!  I heard there is a way through Shang.  The end of Hideaway somehow connects with a road that goes over a dam?  Maybe just for ATVs??  Never saw myself.  What are truffle? Thought it was  candy by Lindt chocolates.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jun 03, 2018 21:23

Ahhh, I Googled it.  Truffles are rare exotic mushrooms typically gathered in Spain & Italy and uncommon in America.  They use trained dogs to find them and they can sell for hundreds of dollars per pound.  That’s wicked interesting!  They are out there!  Wow.


The only wild mushroom I’ve gathered and eaten from out that way have been sponges from pine groves in Myles Standish.  Delicious!  They look like something that should be growing in the ocean.  They supposedly can’t be poisonous where other mushrooms can be.  I’ve always been leery when it comes to mushrooms.

Posted by: cranky pants | Jun 04, 2018 17:12

Sorry WBTS, I didn't see the last post where you asked about the truffles. You're correct, it's very rare to find the truffles and we are lucky to have them out there. I don't know if it's the rich soil from the pine barrens or what, but you'll find them out there with a higher success rate after rainfall. Funny you mention dogs because my wife and I ran into a group that was using a dog to find them last year, I thought it was just a hungry crumb snatching dog too lol.

You have to be careful with mushrooms for sure. You can end up violently sick, or you might just have flashbacks and see a Jimi Hendrix experience right in your own living room.

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