Tobey Road Triage'

By Twiceburnt007 | Jun 14, 2017

Are the orange cones that are strategically placed in or near potholes the new method of repair or is waiting until after a frost when the asphalt wont hold still the norm ? For God only knows how long there have been several large tire crunching , chassis altering holes in Tobey road that are unavoidable when traffic is moving. When travelling toward 28 if there is traffic moving in the opposite direction there are 2 "car"nivorous unavoidable holes that I know have caused damage to my car.  They have been there so long that I cannot remember when they first showed up ! If only I could !Perhaps then I could get a petition to acknowledge their anniversaries and have a parade of selectman vehicles and other decision making appointees vehicles go up and down this road a couple of times! I know, quick fix ; avoid the road. This is not always an option.

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Posted by: Andrea Smith | Jun 14, 2017 05:54

Concerns about the condition of Tobey Road should be directed to Municipal Maintenance Department.


508) 295-5300


Posted by: Twiceburnt007 | Jun 17, 2017 02:24

Why should our road condition concerns go directly to the town ? Doesn't the maintenance dept. travel these roads ? Surely the town is aware or the cones wouldn't be placed in the middle of the age-old potholes ? Theres one on Main St. that's only about 2 months old that a whole town swat team was on hand for it's coronation with an orange cone. Should that go in writing to the town also ? Really ? I'm thinking the expense is not frivolous enough for the town to consider.

And why not just forward this comment ?


Posted by: 181mph | Jun 17, 2017 12:10

there is not a town official, cranberry grower, etc, living on tobey road, therefore it goes to the bottom of the list for repair, or not on any list at all.

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Jun 17, 2017 23:28

Twiceburnt007 - Regarding your question, "Why should our road condition concerns go directly to the town." Because phone calls and/or emails from residents (the more the better) will put you in direct contact with Municipal Maintenance. Comments posted on Wareham Week may never be seen by a single person in Municipal Maintenance. Regarding forwarding a comment, if you think doing so would be more effective or easier for you than making a phone call, then by all means forward your comment. Just keep in mind anonymous complaints don't always get the same attention as do those sent by someone willing to share their name. The email address for Municipal Maintenance appears beneath the phone number in my first comment under this story.

Posted by: Curiouscat | Jun 18, 2017 11:24

Before flooding MM with calls, find out if the problem was caused by the sewer Dept, water Dept, national grid etc since if they caused the problem they should fix it.  I agree phone calls are better than an e mail and might get better/quicker results.  Tobey Road is only going to get worse until the new strip mall is completed.  Maybe a deal can be made that they will have to pay to have the road paved when completed.  Something maybe Wal Mart should have done when they moved in.  Just saying.

Posted by: | Jun 27, 2017 15:51

I agree that this road is bad. Its a well traveled rd. Several businesses behind the Walmart side of the road have heavy trailers in and out all day. I think of this as a service rd but unfortunately i live behind that area so its the best way to get to the highway.

There is one spot that was worse last year before it was patched, It blew my tire out so bad that I had to replace the rim and the sway bar link I hit it so hard.

Posted by: | Jun 28, 2017 10:30

Tobey road is closed down - right after these comments. I probably should have waited a day to write my opinion. Let see if they fix it up as part of what they are working on.

Posted by: brazz | Jun 28, 2017 18:01

They seem to be digging in front of the decas land that was just cleared.

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Jun 29, 2017 07:18

Probably just making connections to bring water and sewer to the new plaza.

Posted by: rhbinma | Jul 03, 2017 09:18

Why would they repair the roads? They are to busy wasting money to paint the crosswalks green. People should know that the white lines are the crosswalk and when it rains it gets slippery. But this town is good at wasting money.

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Jul 03, 2017 14:23

RHBINMA - Unfortunately distracted drivers and drivers who are unfamiliar with the roads they are travelling don't always notice crosswalks.  The bright green painted path that lies between the white crosswalk lines gives extra emphasis to the presence of crosswalks and may save a life or prevent a pedestrian from being seriously injured.

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Aug 27, 2017 13:37

Happy to see that Tobey Road has been resurfaced and now waits only for lines to be painted. Thank you to those who funded the work and those who did the work.

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