Onset Village Market closed after causing power outage

By Meghan Neely | Aug 01, 2018
Photo by: Meghan Neely The Onset Village Market was closed July 30 after causing power outages that affected the Onset Fire Department.

The Onset Village Market was closed on Monday, July 30, by Building Commissioner David Riquinha after improperly installed equipment at the store caused a power outage at the Onset Fire Department.

According to Health Agent Robert Ethier, the Onset Village Market had installed new equipment which overpowered the grid with its high voltage, causing the store and the fire department to lose power.

As the Onset Village Market prepares and serves food, Ethier visited the store along with Riquinha following the power outage.

Either said large coolers as well as power boxes had been improperly installed by a family member of the market owners without proper permits.

The market will remain closed until proper permits are secured and a licensed electrician visits the store.


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Posted by: Bluebell3333 | Aug 02, 2018 08:48

Ethier seems to get off on closing businesses. Give a man a little power and it goes directly to his head. He doesn't know the meaning of working with the people.


Posted by: cranky pants | Aug 02, 2018 09:22

Yes and no, there needs to be some form of accountability. In this case not only did they try to skirt the guidelines, procedures and most likely code... They put the entire community at risk by blowing the grid. High five !

One quick way to get a response from someone is to tap their wallet/purse.

Posted by: Kress | Aug 02, 2018 16:45

Illegally installed equipment.  Didn't pay the Town for the required permits.  If the store owners had followed the rules like the rest of us, someone from the Town would have inspected the installation.  This whole situation could have been avoided.

Posted by: thkng60@yahoo.com | Aug 05, 2018 06:09

Where will they put the bodies now???


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