New Moon in Scorpio: Dowsing the Depths of the Psyche

By Victoria Scerbo | Nov 05, 2010

This is an article I wrote about today's (November 5, 2010) New Moon in Scorpio. I thought my fellow villagers might find some of it's ideas useful, as we move into this transitional time of the year.


New Moons occur when astronomically, the Sun and Moon are in the same zodiacal degree. The New moon is a time of new beginnings, liken to the fertilization of the egg by the sperm. And as in the generative process of fertilization , initially there is no evidence of the new beginning, it takes time for others to notice that something has in fact, transpired. The new seed is “under the radar”, in that it its not evident to others, but it is known to you, if you are focused on the intention of new beginnings. And so is the nature of the new moon, an opportunity to plant an intention in the darkness of the cosmic womb

The new moon is in the sign of Scorpio this month. Scorpio is very much about “under the radar”. In Scorpio much is brewing under the surface, yet little is observable on the outside. One of the best adages to describe Scorpio energy is “Still waters run deep.” In fact Scorpio rules underground water sources. The practice of dowsing, finding underground water using a dowsing rod is the perfect metaphor for the process of Scorpio. A dowser will use a dowsing rod, or divining rod which is a “Y” shaped or an “L” shaped rod to search for the underlying energy currents (Ley lines) that are otherwise hidden from view or knowledge. Dowsers can search for the underlying energy currents in the earth as well as the human psyche.

So what then are we dowsing for during this New Moon time?

Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth. In the nothern hemisphere, it is the time of year when the trees pull their life giving sap from the leaves and branches to the central trunk and roots. With the Sun in the sign of transformation, the blazing beauty of the early Fall of Libra, changes to the stark, leafless visage of the late Fall of Scorpio. Reminding us that life and beauty is ephemeral, one of the reasons, perhaps that Scorpios are looked upon with some trepidation. And yet there is a beauty in the barrenness, for it is at this time that we can appreciate the graceful structure of the tree, as the bare branches reach to the sky. And although the energy of the “outer” world seems to be retreating, the “inner” world is rich with ferment.

Much happens on the “inner” levels: Scorpio rules elimination in the body. What do we keep and what do we let go of? What do we need to release that no longer serves us? Yet is not only about letting go, Scorpio also rules the generative processes of the body. So, what seed is being fertilized?

The New Moon in Scorpio is a time to let go of that which no longer serves and to fertilize the seed of rebirth. A seed based on what we have learned and what needs healing. Scorpio's highest aspiration is Healing the Shadow, that festering wound that keeps us tied to self destructive ways of being.

On the Tree of Life Scorpio rules the path that moves between our lower desire nature and our higher Self. Our Higher Self is our Divine inheritance. Scorpio mediates the path between our personal will and our heart.

Scorpio asks us: Can we let go of our little “self” in order for our Divine Self to reign supreme? Can we let go of the past in order to be in the present? To be in our heart of hearts?

So will we fertilize a seed based on our shadow? On our past history of pain and suffering? Or on this New Moon, are we willing to give ourselves over to the Divine Spark within us, so that we can plant the seed of our own healing and rebirth? 

As always, the choice is ours to make.



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