My Welcome to Wareham

By Becky Hansen | Sep 28, 2010

At 5am the first morning in my new house I was awakened by what sounded like an animal in pain.  The miserable call sounded again and again.  It dawned on me that it was not an animal being tortured, but a bird's call.  After about the tenth repetition I realized it was a rooster:  a sickly insomniac rooster. You have to understand, my experiences with roosters were limited to childhood visits to petting zoos and  Looney Tunes' Foghorn Leghorn.  I thought roosters really said "cock-a-doodle-doo".  That's what I get for being a city girl, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and until recently, a suburban New Jersey resident.

I am brand new to Wareham. I have lived here all of 3 weeks, and each day I am reminded that I'm not in New Jersey anymore.  As I listened to the rooster that early morning, I practically laughed at the turn my life had taken. Newly single, I took a new job in Bourne and moved when my youngest daughter left for college.  I had chosen Wareham for its location, its proximity to my office, and its diverse population.  I felt comfortable in the town the first time I looked at homes, and I am excited about exploring it and getting to know its ins and outs.

I know enough to keep my sports allegiances to myself, and I am already trying to cover up my accent.  I've tried to say "wicked pissa" but it doesn't really come out right.  I've discovered that garbage doesn't magically disappear from the front of the house and the RMV doesn't have evening hours. But on the other hand, my taxes are a quarter of what they were in New Jersey, the traffic to work  is non-existent and the area is beautiful.  I'm enjoying the hunt for my new favorite bar and actively working on finding the perfect stylist for my hair.

Any and all suggestions for helping me through this transition to my hometown are welcome. I already have a furnace guy, a wildlife removal guy (that's another story) and a favorite restaurant.  My next hurdle?  Learning how to navigate rotaries...

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Posted by: Abby Hansen | Sep 28, 2010 12:20

FUGGETABOUTIT should never be uttered.

I'm sure you miss your commutes to Manhattan ;-) Congrats on the new blog. I'm so proud of you mom. I miss you so much.

Posted by: Mike Flaherty | Sep 28, 2010 12:26

Welcome Becky!

In our first week here, we were treated to a fox trotting down our sidewalk with a fresh squirrel in its mouth.


Posted by: Steve Holmes | Sep 28, 2010 13:07

Becky welcome!!!! Reading your story made me think of an article I wrote several years ago when Dolores and I decided to see if Onset was where we would make our new home. I went back and found it, as I read it today, it means more today than when I wrote it, we truly did make the right decision. Here is a copy for your reading pleasure.

10 Reasons to visit Onset Village

Onset Village is a small seaside New England town, with a great many years of New England history. We moved to Onset three years ago, renting a house to determine what the commute to Canton and Braintree would be like. We found that the commute was tolerable, and driving through this beautiful seaside village every morning gave us something to look forward to after a tough day at the office, the ride home and the unbelievable sunset every evening.

We enjoy the village so much that we purchased an old Victorian home here two years ago and have had no regrets about making that tough decision. This is such a great small town community, I just had to write about it, so here goes my top ten reasons for visiting and or residing in Onset.

1 - The beaches here are outstanding, sure in the summer a bit crowded but during the rest of the year especially in the spring and fall you can almost call them your own.

2 - Onset Bay (land side) is incredible, a mixture of various style homes right on the waterfront, small fishing and pleasure boats tied to their moorings, and a beautiful sunset every evening.

3 - Onset Bay (ocean side) looking out into Onset Bay past Wicket's Island, and the channel that leads to the Cape Cod Canal is simply breathtaking, especially in the summer when the channel is very busy with pleasure boats, and many freighters.

4 - Onset Events all summer long including many that are free including the Cape Verdean Festival, The Swan Festival, movies in the park and many others.

5 - Illumination night in August where flares are lit all around Onset Bay on the ocean side, if you have never seen this it's worth seeing at least once in your life.

6 - Of course the Annual Onset Blues Festival, that has expanded from just the afternoon to the evening in some of our fine establishments.

7 - The people that you will meet here are all friendly, enter one of our restaurants or shops and you will be greeted with a courteous hello and friendly conversation. especially if you are here for must eat at Stevie's Pier View Restaurant...tell Dottie that Steve and Dolores sent you.

8 - Being on the Cape without all the traffic, I know people think that you have to go over the bridge to get to the Cape, not visit here will prove that.

9 - Fall, Winter, and Spring.....the population really dies down and you can enjoy the whole town to yourself.

10 - Onset must be heaven...well maybe not but it sure feels like it after the daily grind of working in Boston everyday.

SO come on down or up and pay us a visit, we always have our welcome mat out...who knows you may decide to stay permanently, which has been great for us and I'm sure it will be great for you too.


Posted by: Patrick Lester | Sep 28, 2010 15:11

Hi Becky, and welcome to Wareham!

I'm not sure New England rotaries are any more a mystery than New Jersey jug handles - you can't avoid a rotary, but if you miss a jug handle...oh, you know.  If you miss jug handles, we have one on the Cranberry Highway for you to visit.

You don't say where in New Jersey you're from, but Wareham has elements of the Jersey shores, Chesapeake Bay, the Cape, and Maine - all uniquely packaged.  It's an easy place to fall in love with.

Posted by: Cara A Winslow | Oct 05, 2010 06:11

Welcome Becky! We are glad to have you here :-)

Posted by: Victoria Scerbo | Nov 05, 2010 19:14

Hi Becky, Welcome to Wareham. I too am a Jersey Girl, although I moved up to MA in 1990. I've been in Wareham since 2004. It's a beautiful town. Don't worry about the accent...eventually you sound like you're from Rhode Island.

I also have a's fun isn't it?

I was raised in Jersey City, so I was a real city girl, I have to say though life in New England is great. And of all the women I've met up here that have become my good friends, a third of them were from Jersey. I just found out that Barney Frank was originally from Bayonne NJ! I knew I liked that guy.

Looking forward to reading more of your adventures...

Vicki (The Seeds of Transformation Healing Center Blog)

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