My welcome to Wareham, part two

By Becky Hansen | Oct 01, 2010

I watched Joe, my new friend and wildlife removal expert, rip the insulation away from the attic doorway.  He crawled into the eaves with a flashlight attached to his head and kept on talking as he disappeared.  As he crawled, he explained how the odd smell in my upstairs rooms could be caused by many different animals such as squirrels, mice and raccoons.  Joe talked about how he sets traps and has to come back often to check and empty them.   His muffled musings on the subject were punctuated with “ah-has” and  “oh yeahs”, and I feared the worst.  When he came back out of the crawl space, covered with dirt and pieces of fiberglass, I was figuring out how I would pay for all his visits.

But it wasn’t that bad.  I just have mice…and lots of them.  I can live with mice. I was really afraid he was going to find bats, especially after he told me a story about trapping bats in one of the fancy homes in Pine Hills—the owner had wanted Joe to break down a $4,000 front door because he was afraid to leave his bathroom to let him in the house!  All I have are mouse tunnels throughout my insulation and mouse trails all over the eaves. (Did you know that mice are incontinent and that they dribble urine everywhere they run?  That’s just one of the fun facts I learned from Joe that day.)  He told me my home inspector could not have checked the attic, because the population of mice was obviously long-standing.    He went out to his truck to get the kind of bait that makes mice thirsty and sends them outside to die.  I don’t feel bad about that, by the way.  If I am not setting mousetraps, I am happy.   He also placed some heavy- duty deodorizer deep in the attic.

Joe will come back in three months and place more bait and more deodorizer.  And I’m sure he’ll regale me with stories like the one in which  he was stuck upside down in the chimney of an empty store and the fire department had to cut him out…  In the meantime, I’ve collected my cats from their temporary home in Brooklyn, and I’ve given them specific instructions regarding mice.  I’ll keep you posted.



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