Media Watch - October 2011

By Mike Flaherty | Oct 03, 2011

It's about getting it right.

With all of the misinformation we see (unintentional or not) on the many websites that discuss town matters, this is the monthly "Media Watch" of my blog.

Errors, poor coverage, spin, slant, innuendo, conjecture, or flat out lies?  Hey, even kudos!  All I ask is that if folks wish to add something here, that they use facts and reference the source material to provide the full context whenever possible so that we can all decide for ourselves.

Again, this topic is not for discussing news in general, but rather the media's coverage of it.

I don't have any items to add to the October edition of Media Watch, so the floor is open if anyone wishes to start.

Mike Flaherty

Comments (3)
Posted by: WarehamThinker | Oct 03, 2011 21:18

Uh Mike..really?  Bobo just got exposed as the world's biggest fraud and you can't figure out what to write about in your media watch blog?

Posted by: Mike Flaherty | Oct 03, 2011 22:18

Sorry Wareham Thinker, but if you can keep up with Robert and all of his multiple personalities/usernames, then have at it. 

I think I'll pass.  Life is too short.

Posted by: WarehamThinker | Oct 03, 2011 22:48

ok then

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