In the beginning...

By Erik Fox | Nov 17, 2011
Photo by: Frank Germano

The first bear sighting took place at El Dorado Drive in Mattapoisett on July 10, kicking off months of "bear buzz" in the area.

The next day, Frank Germano and his grandchildren witnessed it tear down his bird feeder and hang around Partridge Place in Marion.

Frank sent Sippican Week an email Nov. 10:

"Read your story about the bear and had to laugh. Monday morning while I sat at the table drinking my coffee I watched the bear come out of the woods behind my house and tear down my bird feeder (again). When I went out on the deck he calmly picked up the feeder and walked away into the woods.

This happened about 7 a.m. and kids would be going to the school bus stop at the top of the street soon. I called the police and they had police cars patrolling the neighborhood while the kids went to school.

This was the fourth appearance of the bear at my house this year. The second time was this summer when he knocked down my garden fence and ripped up the plants. The third time was late summer/early fall when he came back and ate all the raspberries and blackberries off the bushes in the backyard.

Apparently he is quite happy and well in 'Bear Swamp.'"

Included are some photos Frank provided from the July 11 sighting. Thanks, Frank!

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