Health Board fines B2B Gas $300 for tobacco violations

By Matthew Bernat | Jul 19, 2017

The owner of B2B Gas tried to convince the Board of Health that a $300 fine for violating town tobacco bylaws was uncalled for because it was his first offense. Board members were unmoved by his argument, but did say they would consider making new business owners in town better aware of the regulations.

On Wednesday, Marwan Imad, who owns the gas station located at 3199 Cranberry Highway, said board members should reconsider the fine.

“You don’t want to push away new businesses,” said Imad. “You want to welcome them.”

Imad purchased B2B Gas six months ago and said he’s been trying to drum up business with a number of promotions, including a free car giveaway.

Board members fined Imad for selling flavored tobacco products, which is illegal to do in Wareham, and for selling individual cigars for less than is allowed under town regulations. Imad said once he was made aware of the violations, he removed the flavored products and changed prices immediately.

Board members were unmoved, saying he received a copy of the rules.

“You’ve got to know what the regulations are,” said Health Agent Robert Ethier. “That’s your responsibility.”

Chair Dr. Amy Weigandt said while new businesses in town receive a visit from the Health Department explaining the rules, when an existing business changes hands that’s not the case.

She said the board may consider condensing the regulations into a shorter, easier to read format for new business owners.

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Posted by: Newlyaresident | Jul 20, 2017 06:57

I'm waiting and hoping that some business owner will challenge the regulations cited here.

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Jul 20, 2017 08:13

The anti business anti freedom commie crud masters strike again. What a bunch of jack holes this group is.

Posted by: Steve Holmes | Jul 21, 2017 07:43

Isn't this the place that was just featured in a story about raffling off cars fort buying gas there?

Posted by: Linda | Jul 23, 2017 17:16

so...if you open a new store in town you are guaranteed a visit by the b.o.h. to explain the rules of the health dept..  when you go before the bos to get a license, or whoever, don't you have a list of what you can and cannot do when you get your permit or license?/


dr. amy, read what you just said.  when an existing business changes hands, it has a different set of rules.  by that I mean, apparently the former owner has to explain the rules, not the health agent.


you won't reconsider lowering or dropping the fine - for his first offense - but you will consider condensing the regulations into a shorter, easier format -------- for new business owners.  did this come out of the clear blue sky?  you seem to be admitting that your regulations need to be read by a new York lawyer for a translation.


and, mr. ethier - you and the owner, it may be his responsibility but it's your job.  all this for cigars............smh................all the towns around us sell them.   boh, come down a step from your throne.

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