Farewell to Editor Jaime Rebhan, hello to Editor Liam McKenna

By Anne Eisenmenger | Oct 30, 2013
Liam McKenna (right) takes over for editor Jaime Rebhan (left).

When Jaime Rebhan joined our staff back in the fall of 2009, Wareham Week and WarehamVillageSoup were just a concept of how local media should be reshaped for the 21st Century – and a plan for putting that concept into action in Wareham.

As Wareham Week’s first reporter, Jaime helped shape how the concept was brought to life. She was there when we put the final touches on our first edition in the early morning hours of Jan. 20, 2010. She was there as we figured out how to use the VillageSoup website to keep residents constantly updated on town news. Jaime was very good at that. She soon became our first online editor.

As Wareham Week’s second editor in chief, she took the reins in the fall of 2010 and has guided the editorial operation through coverage of Town Meetings and elections, hurricanes and blizzards, summer festivals and year-round school activities.

But all good things come to an end.

This week, we say farewell to Jaime as she steps into the next chapter of her Wareham life. (Details to come in the near future.) We wish her well – and thank her for the big piece of Jaime that went into the creation of Wareham Week and WarehamVillageSoup.

"This has been an amazing experience. I've had a blast telling the town's stories," Jaime said. "Wareham is my home now, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't thank the community enough for everything it has done for me."

While it would be impossible to precisely fill Jaime’s big shoes, she and I are excited to introduce the community to her successor.

Liam McKenna comes to Wareham from Pennsylvania, where he grew up in Willow Grove, graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia, and learned a lot about journalism – in print and online -- with internships at the Bucks County Courier Times in suburban Philadelphia and at PhiladelphiaNeighborhoods.com. In his first semester of school, Liam won three Keystone Press Awards with the Bucks County Community College student newspaper.

Along the way, he spent a semester in London, interning with the Hampstead and Highgate Express. His first assignment there: covering a demonstration by single mothers against welfare reform going through Parliament. (Let’s just say we expect him to be a quick study in learning about New England town government.)

Liam covered rowing for the Temple student newspaper, basketball in London (good job for the American intern -- better than cricket), and lots of community reporting in Philadelphia. Through his experiences mentioned and time with philadelphianieghborhoods.com, he is well-rounded with words, photos, and videos.

Liam moved to town last weekend with support from his family and girlfriend, joined the staff on Monday, and found himself sitting at the press table at Town Meeting on Monday evening.

“Through a few days in Wareham, I find your community to be warm, sincere, and connected,” Liam said. “I am excited to learn and tell your stories honestly.”

“You can feel free to come up and say, ‘hey,’” Liam said. “I am the dude rocking a bowtie who isn’t Alan Slavin.”

On the Wareham Week staff, Liam joins reporter and Wareham native Caitlin Russell. Caitlin and Jaime are this week providing his fast-track Wareham education. But I hope members of the community jump in to help him out. When you see him at a public event, say hello. Have a news tip? Shoot it to liam@warehamweek.com. As you get to know Liam and his work, I think you’ll come to agree that we have found a top-notch successor to Jaime.

And to Jaime: MANY thanks and best of luck in your next endeavor!

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Posted by: Andrew Griffith | Oct 30, 2013 17:16

I, for one am very sorry to see Jaime go.  We have worked together on so many things and I have enjoyed each event we covered.  I wish you luck in all that you do Jaime!


That said, I welcome Liam to Wareham and look forward to meeting him real soon!  Welcome Liam!

Posted by: toottoot | Oct 30, 2013 20:31

Although I welcome Liam, I am truly sorry to see Jaime leave. Right from the beginning, Jaime stepped up to promote the Community Arts in Action and the charitable knitters known as the Knit Wits. When a bear came through our park, Jaime was there. When we brainstormed a flash mob, Jaime was there. She has been the consummate professional and dedicated cheerleader for all that is great about Wareham. Jaime is a truly extraordinary individual and Anne, the newspaper and the community is grateful.

Posted by: Randall Stephens | Oct 30, 2013 21:34

In the most simplist term : Jaime ALWAYS had Warehams best interest at heart ! Good luck with all future plans ! 

Posted by: bob | Oct 31, 2013 08:58


Posted by: Knocked for six | Nov 01, 2013 19:58

hmmmmm....where may that be?


Posted by: Knocked for six | Nov 05, 2013 17:55

smelling a back door deal ....... police dept. ?  School Dept.? Town hall? Welcome to Wareham  just what department because I have not seen a posting to fit your experience.

Posted by: totellthetruth | Nov 05, 2013 18:28

Jeeez! Sounds like jealousy rearing its evil head.

Posted by: Knocked for six | Nov 05, 2013 19:21

Just looking like political appointment

Posted by: WeweANTICS | Nov 05, 2013 19:29

I leave for a week and come back to this! Lol, thank you Jaime for staying such a positive person in a town with so many interesting (to say the least) events and not letting nitwit conspiracy theorists such as the above (not TTTT) bother you.    You will make a wonderful police chief....

Posted by: Knocked for six | Nov 05, 2013 19:36

We'll see

Posted by: WeweANTICS | Nov 05, 2013 19:45

You really need a hobby if you're that worried, or a good therapist.

Posted by: Knocked for six | Nov 05, 2013 20:21

Did someone hit a nerve? Did I bully anyone by calling them names? Ah...nope. Just making a observation ... Let's see how it works out then you can turn to name calling.

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