Electric car charging station installed in Wareham

By Matthew Bernat | Jul 15, 2017
Photo by: Matthew Bernat This charging station was installed Friday before the arrival of three, all-electric cars for municipal use. A $22,500 grant paid for the station and cars.

Wareham Town Administrator Derek Sullivan is all charged up. After securing a grant for three, all-electric cars for municipal use, Sullivan said a charging station for the vehicles was installed July 14.

Sullivan earned the grant through the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s Municipal Electric Vehicle Program. The grant awarded Wareham a total of $22,500. Those funds cover the cost of leasing three Chevy Bolts over three years and the charging station's purchase and installation.

To prepare for the four-vehicle, 80 amp station, he said some work was required in Town Hall’s basement. That included drilling through 18-inches of concrete to run a heavy-duty electrical connection to a parking lot behind Town Hall.

“These cars use a lot of juice,” said Sullivan. “You can’t just plug them into a wall outlet.”

Sullivan said the cars haven’t been delivered yet, but are scheduled to arrive within the next few weeks. He said it was important to get the charging station installed first.

“It wouldn’t make sense to have the cars, but no way to charge them,” he said.

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Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 15, 2017 17:59

These cars use a lot of juice.  He said it, not me.

Posted by: bob | Jul 16, 2017 10:06

Gee,with our town hall employees only working a 4 day work week,at the end of the 3 year lease might be a good low milage ,low useage used car to pick up.......

Posted by: greycat | Jul 17, 2017 21:38

Good old coal fired electric cars.  What will they think of next?  Sliced bread?

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 18, 2017 09:34

Correct in theory Greycat, the energy required to charge the car needs to be created somewhere.  I agree.  It's because of a little thing called The First Law of Thermodynamics. However, the last coal plant in Massachusetts was closed in June.  I just learned that myself from a fellow commenter on here last week.   So, at worst these 3 go carts will be powered by oil because there are still many oil fired plants contributing to the grid.


That's the part that green brainwashing misses.  An electric car itself is green only because it has no tailpipe emissions.  The agenda fails to mention the emissions from the power plant where the power was generated to charge the car.  The only way it would be completely green would be if the charger was powered exclusively by dedicated solar panels.


Here's a thought:  They should shackle Wareham's criminals to power generating treadmills and make them run to charge the cars.  Perfect!  All those ugly mugs that we see on here all the time should be on display on the Town Hall's front lawn running and charging.  Sorta like a modern version of the stocks.  We can all come by to jeer and throw rotten vegetables at them.  Sometimes I impress myself with great ideas.

Posted by: 181mph | Jul 18, 2017 13:15

not sure how y'all are thinking here, the elec vehicles use power that may be generated by oil to charge, but the vehicle puts out zero emissions, it's not perfect, but it is progress, i am pretty sure the amount of fuel it takes to charge these vehicles is no way near the amount of fossil fuel and emissions they would use/make if they were conventional gas engine vehicles,,, but i reckon we just need to biatch about something

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