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Driver faces criminal charges after fleeing scene of car crash in West Wareham

Nov 07, 2017
Photo by: Jaime Rebhan Wareham Police officials investigate the area of the crash on Cranberry Highway in West Wareham.

Wareham Police responded to a single-vehicle accident in West Wareham on Tuesday in which the driver crashed into a utility pole, flipping his car, and fled the scene.

The accident occurred at approximately 6:30 p.m. on Cranberry Highway in the area of Weaver Street.

Police Chief Kevin Walsh said that the driver was the sole occupant of the vehicle. He noted there was "extensive damage to the pole and vehicle." According to a police press release, the car was turned over onto its roof and the utility pole was snapped at its base. A significant amount of blood was observed inside the car, but there was no one inside the car when police arrived.

Police found the driver, 41-year-old West Wareham resident Chad Buckingham, a mile away from the scene on Charlotte Furnace Road at 8:30 p.m. He was transported to Rhode Island Hospital Trauma Center by Wareham EMS for possible serious injuries.

Buckingham will be charged with leaving the scene of an accident after causing property damage, unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, speeding and marked lanes violations. He will be scheduled to appear at Wareham District Court at a later date for arraignment.

The impact of the crash knocked down power lines, prompting a response from Eversource.

In addition to Wareham Police, Wareham Fire and Wareham EMS responded to the scene.

Wareham Fire officials assisted Wareham Police at the scene. (Photo by: Jaime Rebhan)
Eversource responded to the accident scene. (Photo by: Jaime Rebhan)
A Wareham Police cruiser blocks traffic on Cranberry Highway. Behind it, an ambulance awaits. (Photo by: Jaime Rebhan)
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Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Nov 07, 2017 20:53

The pictures don’t show much.  Where’s the car?  Where’s the pole and the downed power lines?


Leaving the scene is a lesser charge than OUI. As long as they don’t bleed out while on the run, they’re sobering up somewhere before the police eventually track them down...just sayin.

Posted by: Jaime Rebhan | Nov 07, 2017 21:13

Unfortunately (understandably), I was unable to get closer to the scene of the active investigation...!

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Nov 07, 2017 22:02

Thanks, that is understandable.

Posted by: Linda | Nov 07, 2017 22:29

The scanner's 1st call said a car hit a pole, snapped it in half and top half had wires hanging - on Rte. 28, by the court house - one fled, another trapped and car overturned.  The actual site was South of the pkg store by Weaver St., 4th house on right.  The runner was found at 34 Charlotte Furnace Rd., the same house of a pretty bad OD 3-4 wks ago.  smh

Posted by: Phredzzz | Nov 08, 2017 08:34

Thanks Linda. Was going down Charlotte Furnace the other day and Police were everywhere, in cruisers, on Quads, K-nine, dressed in camouflage and blocking the road. Was wondering WTH since Zero info in the News Media. I guess people like you and others have become the NEW-ERA News. Thanks again.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Nov 08, 2017 08:55

Good, they caught the runner.  Hope is was before they sobered up.  I'm looking forward to the updated story and hopefully a mugshot of the reckless individual.


Why is it that these types have 9 lives?  If I crashed, snapped a pole, and rolled my car, I'd be dead.  This one gets out and runs away?

Posted by: Jaime Rebhan | Nov 08, 2017 09:16

We've got an update! WW staff is updating the story as we type. 

A note on scanner traffic: We do not report all that is said because that can be dangerous from an accuracy/responsibility standpoint.

For example, if we report that a car has rolled over and it turns out the car simply sideswiped a pole... we hate to be wrong, but that's not going to ruin anybody's life.

If we report that the police are at a specific address and found a person involved in x, y, and z... and then it turns out that we misunderstood the conversation on the scanner or that the investigation led police elsewhere... that is irresponsible.

We'd rather have less information initially than be wrong.

That said: If you see something going on in town and don't see anything here, give Editor Matthew Bernat a shout at editor@warehamweek.com. We are very frequently around our scanners, but not always... and we can't always make it to a scene. We attempt to shake down information about anything anybody tells us. Sometimes authorities aren't releasing information, or sometimes we find out that what seemed like a big deal simply wasn't. But we appreciate all leads. 

On a completely different note: Matt and I will be addressing some of the common questions we get about news coverage on an upcoming WCTV show. For anybody who's interested in why we make the decisions we do, this will be worth watching. If you can't watch, as many of you know, I have a standing invitation to discuss things over coffee. You let me know when and where you'd like to meet. I'll buy the coffee. :) (I figure it goes without saying, but perhaps it doesn't: If you are an anonymous commenter and want to remain anonymous, I respect that. You won't have coffee with me and then find your identity revealed...) 

As always, thanks for reading Wareham Week and WarehamVillageSoup!

Vice President of News Operations... and wearer of many hats.

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