Department of Natural Resources increases fees for upcoming season

By Lydia Goerner | Nov 14, 2017

Fees to boat and fish in town are creeping up, costing boaters a few more dollars next season.

Harbormaster Garry Buckminster gave the fee structure at the Selectmen meeting on Tuesday. Currently, a boating permit is $75 and an additional $2 per linear foot of the boat, which will increase to $3 per linear foot.

Vessels in marinas, yacht clubs and on docks will increase from $75 to $85.

Shellfish permits will increase, from $30 to $35 for residents and from $120 to $125 for non-residents. The senior rate of $15, will remain the same.

The Department of Natural Resources will also be granting short-term shellfishing permits year-round, beginning at $15 for one week and going up to $60 for a month-long permit. They sell around 1,200 permits a year, Buckminster said.

The Department of Natural Resources is offering a new educational outing permit for $5, which can be used for educational outreach programs sponsored by the department. All the money from these permits will be used for shellfish propagation.

These increases were uncontroversial among the Selectmen, who used the example of a 25-foot boat now costing $150 instead of $125 under the proposed changes.

“I don’t see anything outrageous here,” Selectmen Chair Peter Teitelbaum said.

Buckminster agreed, pointing out Wareham falls below the average rate of other towns in the area. In Plymouth, a permit is $50 plus $10 per linear foot of the vessel, he said.

The Department of Natural Resources will also be offering a reduced rate on rentals of shellfishing equipment.

Buckminster discussed changes to annual shellfish regulations, which have been revised from the current 2006 regulations. The new regulations, which will be posted on the department's website, have been broken down into clear sections, making a more organized, succinct document and adopting gender-neutral language.

The department is emphasizing the importance of recycling shells, which can be used for propagation. There is a collection bin outside the department office for empty shells.

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Posted by: wtbarber | Nov 15, 2017 00:35

square foot boat measurements? are you sure it's not linear ft?

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Nov 15, 2017 08:25

Too bad Wareham is so anti boat.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Nov 15, 2017 12:44

Hahahahah...gender neutral regulations about shellfish.  Do clams need a third category now?  Boy clams, Girl clams, and confused clams?  Next there's going to be a third bathroom out there on the sandbar...


Speaking of that matter, look right in this article:  "These increases were uncontroversial among the Selectmen"


Are they all men?  Shouldn't that say "Selectpersons" or "Selectpeople"?  just sayin'

Posted by: Matthew Bernat | Nov 15, 2017 13:08



Excellent point regarding gender and Selectmen! In Wareham, the official title of the governing body is "Board of Selectmen." Some towns, such as Brookline, recently just changed the name to "Select Board" and other towns are considering changing it to "Selectwomen." Should Wareham go that route we will definitely start referring to board members by the new title.


Additionally, here at Wareham Week we follow AP Style. Here's the entry on "women" from the most recent edition. If you have any more questions please come to our OFFICE HOURS set for Thursday, Nov. 16 at 4 p.m. at 219 Main Street (Above the Jug Shop).

Lydia and I look forward to seeing you!


"AP Style holds that women should receive the same treatment as men in all areas of coverage. Physical descriptions, sexist references, demeaning stereotypes and condescending phrases should not be used.

To cite some examples, this means that:

  • Copy should not assume maleness when both sexes are involved, as in “Jackson told newsmen” or in “the taxpayer…he” when it easily can be said Jackson “told reporters or taxpayers…they.”
  • Copy should not express surprise that an attractive woman can be professionally accomplished, as in, “Mary Smith doesn’t look that part, but she’s an authority on…”
  • Copy should not gratuitiously mention family relationships when there is no relevance to the subject as in: “Golda Meir, a doughty grandmother, told the Egyptians today…”
  • Use the same standards for men and women in deciding whether to include specific mention of personal appearance or marital and family situation.

In other words, treatment of the sexes should be evenhanded and free of assumptions and stereotypes. This does not mean that valid and acceptable words such as “mankind” or “humanity” cannot be used. They are proper."

Posted by: Garry B. | Nov 15, 2017 14:13

Wareham by the Sea, to clarify, it was just some of the older wording that was clarified.  (Him/her), as far as we’re concerned it’s a permit holder and people have spouses and partners that live within the same household.



Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Nov 15, 2017 14:29



A Select Board made up of Selectmen & Selectwomen  makes perfect sense to me.  So do terms like...fireman, firewoman, policeman, policewoman.  How that straightforward reference could be a topic of debate for some is beyond me.  Women are women and men are men.


I can't go to that Office Hours event.  Some may figure out who I am and pelt me with rotten fruit or pour boiling oil on me...or worse!


Oh yea, we've morphed away from the topic of the article.  That's frowned upon.  Let me tie this back to boats.  What about referring to a boat as a "she".  Nobody is ever going to change what the old salts call their boats.  I actually think that one falls into your last scenario regarding valid and acceptable words.


Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Nov 15, 2017 14:55

Thanks Gary,


I see where it can get complicated.  Currently my wife is my spouse and she can shellfish with me under my family permit because we are married.  Just the same, if my spouse was a man, he could shellfish with me under my family permit because we are married.  However, my girlfriend couldn't shellfish with me under my family permit because we were not married.  Therefore, by the same logic, I assume that if I had a male partner, he couldn't shellfish with me under my family permit because we are not married.  That's no different than me just trying to take a guy friend shellfishing under my license; which we all know is not allowed.


you know I was kidding about the three kinds of clams?  There's only two.  They don't get good internet out there so they're not up to date on the latest fads.

Posted by: Garry B. | Nov 15, 2017 14:57

It’s only for the wording in the regulations.  Let’s not make this bigger than it needs to be.

Posted by: greycat | Nov 15, 2017 19:38

"SELECTMAN" AND "SELECTMEN" are official titles of the office.  The presence of the three letters MAN are part of the title and not gender indicating.  There is no such thing as SELECTPERSON or SELECTBOARD.  The correct form is Mr. Selectman or Madam Selectman and Board of Selectmen.  You could look it up!.

Diny youse lern no proper English wen you wuz in skool?

Posted by: Swifts_Sheriff | Nov 17, 2017 08:58

Nice work Garry , you have to keep up with the times . Just like the kid who was born a boy playing in a girls u12 soccer game because he's gender neutral.

On another note I have to touch base with you .. Jr just bought himself a brand new 125 cc pit bike .. We want him riding safe this up coming summer





Posted by: 181mph | Nov 17, 2017 12:22

don't let him ride around swifts beach there SS, you never know when one of those Boston hit men will be roaming around the neighborhood

Posted by: Swifts_Sheriff | Nov 17, 2017 15:32

Once again 181 you are late to the dance ... Been there done that. Took the PD all summer to finally catch him on labor day. Garry was kind enough to talk to us like Human Beings

Posted by: 181mph | Nov 19, 2017 15:34

hey swifts, i may be late to the dance but the prom queen will leave with me,, but i still would like the name of the guy, if you can remember that is,,,it may be of some help to me in my line of work

Posted by: OnsetTogether | Nov 20, 2017 20:32

Why does the resident rate have to increase at all? Why not non-residents who don’t support our year-round economy? Why hit the resident casually shellfishing, and not the commercial rate? Check on Instagram for the display of newly painted trucks, new uniforms, new swag. We already have to pay in Onset to park in front of our own homes through October 31. A carpenter or painter working on our homes is supposed to pay a permit fee to park on the street. When will we get a full accounting of the Onset parking fees and where they are spent?

I’m sure the extra $10 will bother someone at the “yacht club.”

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