Buzzards Bay Coalition gets people catching quahogs in Onset

By Matthew Bernat | Sep 24, 2017
Photo by: Matthew Bernat Sanna Roth, 5, searches for sea creatures on Sunday afternoon during Learn to Quahog.

A group of 15 people waded into the water near Burgess Point Sunday afternoon for a lesson on quahogging, sponsored by the Buzzards Bay Coalition to spur interest in the environment.

Outdoor Educator Cassie Lawson led the 90-minute session dubbed Learn to Quahog. The event was catch and release only as Sunday is closed for shellfishing in Wareham.

For the event, participants were provided waders, baskets, rakes and a lesson. Some of the younger participants were just as excited to find crabs and periwinkles as they were the program’s namesake.

“It’s epic,” said Kylyn Rocha, who arrived with her daughters Sanna and Alexis Roth. “We’ve always wanted to try it out and this was the perfect opportunity. Plus, it’s free!”

Sanna and Alexis made many trips to and from shore, dropping their findings in buckets for a closer inspection.

Lawson said getting people of all ages engaged and interested in the natural world is part of the coalition’s mission and Sunday’s event helped achieve that.

“Overall, we want to see people connect with Buzzards Bay,” said Lawson.

Fifteen people signed up for Learn to Quahog on Sunday. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
Alexis Roth, 9, shows off some wildlife she found on Sunday. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
Alexis Roth, 9, and her sister Sanna, 5, compare some of the sea creatures they discovered on Sunday. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
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Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Sep 25, 2017 13:06

Awesome experience for all.  Shell-fishing  is so much fun.  Some of my first fond memories of Wareham include shell fishing with my grand parents as a little kid..


I have been shell fishing in Wareham for over 40 years and I've been purchasing my own license here for 30 years.  Sundays have always been completely off limits until I read this article.  I just learned that we can catch and release shell fish on Sundays.  Unlike large-mouth bass, quahogs don't move to fast or far after they've been released.  I now plan to start catching and releasing on Sundays.  Then, on Mondays, I plan on catching where I suspect Sunday's release may be lingering.  Fair game?

Posted by: totellthetruth | Sep 25, 2017 19:08

The Shellfish dep't does a great job with the quahog relay. Unfortunately, the Commercial fishermen get to the "easy" spots first and clean them out. Many Senior Citizen shellfishermen are unable to venture out into the deeper waters, or endure the long walk from their vehicles to the shellfish bed(s). I would like to see the Shellfish Warden designate a Senior Citizens area, a.easy to access, commercial fishing allowed,c, make it Seniors only. Bourne has had a Senior Citizens shellfish area at Monument Beach for many years. I think many Seniors in Wareham would enjoy and utilize this area.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Sep 25, 2017 22:03

Great idea TTTT.  I have a little while before I could use it. But I know that it can be hard to walk with gear, etc.  I feel that the commercial fishermen would stay out of a senior area.  But I think the other recreational shell fishermen would be a problem.  Which leads me to my next point.  I'll bet you that the spots you claim are getting cleaned out by the commercial guys are getting a fair share of recreational use as well.  I've done recreational my whole life and I've never competed with commercial.  I see them but they are always out farther and deeper than most of us recreational guys can go.  I go in my bathing suit with old sneakers and a wooden handled rake.  4' deep, firm bottom, close to shore is what I prefer.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Sep 25, 2017 22:03


Posted by: totellthetruth | Sep 26, 2017 13:58

Thats an easy fix WBTS. Put up a couple of signs designating " Senior,residential permit holders only" and while were at it,"Senior- Handicapped residential permit holders only" I'm sure some of our handicapped folks would love the chance to get some "hogs:"

Posted by: greycat | Sep 26, 2017 16:22

Try Broad Cove in Riverside when it opens.  Its been "seeded" with quahog and they are close enough to shore to be accessible at low tide, even for us geezers.

Posted by: totellthetruth | Sep 27, 2017 07:13

I remember sveral years ago when they "relayed" hogs into Broad Cove the first time. I was gratified to see how close they were dumping them to shore.I went home and marked my calendar for the opening date. Opening day arrives; too cold,next date; rain etc..etc.....In the meantime the Commercial guys are "bull raking:" away. On my daily trip into Onset Center I notice one boat on the other side of the Bay close to shore in the Cove St. area, 2 more boats hugging the shoreline on the Riverside Dr. area. This went on for several days,then they were gone, guess what; so were most of the quahogs.

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