Wareham Police issue road construction advisories

Aug 13, 2017

Wareham Police are advising drivers to be aware of road construction projects starting on Tobey Road and Warr Avenue the week of Aug. 14.

Construction on Tobey Road starts Monday, Aug. 14 and is scheduled to end on Friday, Aug. 18. Police said drivers should expect delays.

Construction on Warr Avenue begins Tuesday, Aug. 15 and will continue throughout the week, police said.

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Posted by: Society for Suppression of Noise | Aug 14, 2017 17:40

Awesome!  Tobey Road was horrible.  And completed in one week!


Time for a couple of betting pools:

How far below the new road surface will the manhole covers be?

a. 2 inches

b. 3 inches

c. 4 inches or more


How many low spots will fill with water every time it rains?  (It's not like we can figure out how to drain water off a roadway like they do in every other state.)


Posted by: Curiouscat | Aug 14, 2017 19:44

Seriously you couldn't just stop at Awesome?  Let go of the negativity and be appreciative of the hard work being done.  Just once it would be nice to focus on the good being done without stirring the pot.  I swear it's a damned if you, damned if you don't.

Posted by: Hairy Buttz | Aug 14, 2017 20:57

Good news, hopefully it's not fake....don't know what's real or not anymore....#TrumpsFault

Posted by: Society for Suppression of Noise | Aug 14, 2017 21:55

Negative?  Naaaaa.  Bemused at half-fast public works projects in banana republics.


Last summer I drove on Rt 6 between the Sagamore Bridge and Buzzards Bay.  On a portion of that highway the craters in the pavement were so deep I had to use the left lane, which is usually reserved for faster traffic and is also within a yard of oncoming vehicles.  (I roughly calculate the combined speed of me and the oncoming F150s with their codpiece grilles at over a hundred miles per hour.  Not my happy place.)


Imagine my delight when I discovered this summer that Crater Alley had been freshly repaved!  Until I discovered that the series of manhole covers in the right lane were now inches below the pavement surface, like man-made potholes.  Really, how difficult can basic competence be?  You can't listen to public radio for a week without hearing some smarmy lesbian cooing over how Massachusetts is the "best-educated state in the nation", yet nobody born and raised here can figure out that water flows downhill.


Why would I believe that the Tobey Road project will result in a smooth, safe, well-drained road when you natives defend crappy results simply because somebody "worked hard"?  An oxcart path would be an improvement over the current road; it's just a shame that while we're paying for a first class boulevard, we're gonna get man-made potholes and water puddles because, well, Massachusetts.  A D grade is still a passing grade, right?


By the way, did you know the bridge replacement project on Papermill Road is finished?  It's a beauty!  Nice and wide to accommodate the new bike lane (despite the fact that the entire road except for the bridge is too narrow for a bike lane) and a beautiful sidewalk (despite the fact that Papermill Road does not now have, nor ever will have, sidewalks) complete with granite curbs (because custom cut granite is so-o-o-o much more cost-efficient than concrete).


Not being negative, just being real.  So what's your bet on the purposely-screwed-up manhole covers?

Posted by: Curiouscat | Aug 15, 2017 07:04

Correct me if I'm wrong (and I'm sure you will) but Wouldn't Route 6 be a state project whereas Papermill Road and Tobey Road would be handled by the Town?  If so why not make your concerns made NOW and avoid a man hole issue later.  Sorry for being the type of person who sees the glass as being half full.

Posted by: Society for Suppression of Noise | Aug 23, 2017 21:31

You really expect the town to enjoy higher standards of road construction than state highways?!


Apparently only Phase I is completed within the anticipated deadline.  Tobey Road is still worthy of third-world status with all kinds of man-made hazards, but now they're carefully marked with orange markers.


New betting pool!  Tobey Road will be completed:

a. Before winter 2017

b. Before winter 2018

c. Don't kill the job!  (It's not like there are other road projects if this one ever gets completed.)

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