Sound Tower Gig Diary XI:  What Once Was Old, Is New Again

By George Dionne | May 03, 2012

Lots of changes have occurred with Sound Tower over the last couple of months (read my last blog HERE).  We’ve changed bass players, played new venues, wrote and began performing our first original, added new cover songs, and returned Piper’s on Main Street in Wareham.  Highlights from the last couple of months include:

March 9th we began the Tim Bossie Farewell Tour at The Fan Club.  We played to a packed house.  It helped that there were no other bars in the area running live entertainment.  That’s also me being humble.   It’s always a good time in our hometown.

March 23rd as Tim began his departure, we began our transition at Knuckleheads in New Bedford.  Our new bassist Brandon Brothwell made his live debut and it went off without a hitch.  Brandon is a Wareham native and played with the first incarnation of Woodland Creatures.  I think everyone was a bit nervous that night, but Brandon put everyone at ease by playing like he’d always been there with us.  We also debuted our new single “Do You Feel Alright?” to a warm ovation.  In addition to Brandon, we added a new guest female vocalist Lori X.

March 24th we raised the bar at BBC Sandwich.  In the past it was a little tough to draw a big crowd there, but the more and more we played, the bigger the crowd got.  This one was by far the biggest.  Even more helpful was the fact they removed more tables for more dancing room.

April 7th marked Tim Bossie’s final show.  Tim started his gig with Sound Tower at The Fan Club so he wanted to end it there.  Wall to wall people packed The Fan Club for this one, and Tim went out on a high note indeed.  I always joked that Tim sang “Surrender” for the ‘first time ever.’  It was kind of sad to say, ‘for the last time ever.’  When Tim sang that night, a group of his friends and family all wore eye patches.  It was a reference to when Tim fell after a gig and suffered a mild concussion (hilarious, I know).  The next night Tim showed up to the scheduled gig wearing an eye patch over his disfigured eye.

Many of you that follow Sound Tower are probably wondering why Tim left. The main factor was the tour schedule and travel.  Sound Tower plays mostly just off Cape Cod and the Upper Cape and even New Bedford.  Most of these places are an hour or more away for Tim, and he just had enough of the long trips and long nights.  It was completely understandable.

Being in a band is tough, especially a busy band like ours.  I’m sure it was taking a toll on his family life as well, and I’m sure a small part of it was the music we played wasn’t exactly Tim’s cup of tea. We’re all going to miss Tim, but he’s already moving forward with a new project playing music closer to his heart and playing at venues closer to home.

April 13th we debuted at the Jockey Club in Raynham.  Playing any new venue is a gamble, especially when it’s outside of your “base.”  You can’t promise your fans will travel, because they can always see you when you’re closer, so you have to depend on people that frequent the club. Well, we managed to get a few to travel and unfortunately the local crowd wasn’t as big as it could have been.  We still had a blast and made the most of it.  When patrons are coming on stage singing (and killing it) it’s a good night.

April 14th we returned to the Presidents Rock Club in Quincy.  Brandon now had two gigs under his belt and was becoming a little more comfortable.  He’s not jumping around on furniture or dancing with the crowd just yet, but we’ll get there.  Brandon does excel in his playing and has the right tone and groove to take Sound Tower to the next level.

April 20th we rocked Dino’s in Mashpee for the first time.  I have a decent amount of family in the area so the place was fairly packed.  You couldn’t have asked for a better debut.  A lot of Dino’s regulars stayed from beginning to end and the once the dance floor was packed, it stayed packed.

April 21st BBC Sandwich continues to grow as one of our more popular gigs.

April 27th we made yet another debut, this time at Frankie D’s BBQ in Kingston.  Like I said earlier, you have to depend on the venue’s patrons for a gig like this, and they did not let us down.  Frankie’s was packed when we arrived and that’s because of their killer BBQ.  If you didn’t know Frankie’s was there, you'd just might miss it; tucked away in a shopping center.  But if you’re missing it, you’re missing out.  Frankie himself was up front and center at the bar slinging drinks like a mad man. His crowd was vibrant and into every moment.  There wasn’t much of a dance floor, but it didn’t matter.

April 28th The Grand Opening of the new Piper’s Resturant and Bar.  New management took over Piper’s at the beginning of the month and was quickly scrambling to re-open.  They renovated the inside and completely revamped the menu.  We knew this was going to happen for a while, but since nothing concrete, we had to book gigs in the meantime.  I was worried we’d have nothing available when they opened the door for the first time.  As luck would have it, we had one date left in April.

I have to admit that I was a little nervous.  It’s technically a new business, we hadn’t played there in months, and we played venues in the area that may filter the crowd.  I wasn’t nervous about the performance but the attendance.  At about 9pm I was no longer worried.  We’ve packed this place before in the past, but not like this.  The feeling in the air was electric.  From the opening note to the last note Sound Tower, Piper’s, and the STF were on fire!

We had played our new song “Do You Feel Alright” a few times prior to this show, but in front of our hometown crowd it took on a whole new life.  Actually, it’s what we originally envisioned when we wrote it.  The chorus has a call and response section that starts with us:  “Do you feel alright” with the intended crowd response “Hell yeah!”  We usually give the audience the low-down prior, and it’s worked on a smaller level elsewhere, but at Piper’s it was perfect.

The former incarnation of this bar was always a hot spot for us and it was very humbling to realize that it was going to be once again.  Many thanks to Tara and Dave Wahlstrom for bringing the good times back to Main Street .  We look forward to a long and successful relationship together.

Upcoming shows:

May 04 - Presidents Rock Club, Quincy

May 05 - The Fan Club, East Wareham

May 11 - Crazy Eddie's, Plymouth

May 12 - Piper's, Wareham (George's Birthday Bash)

June 01 - The Courtyard, Cataumet

June 02 - The Fan Club, East Wareham

June 08 - Frankie D's, Kingston

June 09 - Catwalk, New Bedford

June 15 - Piper's, Wareham

June 16 - BBC Sandwich

June 23 - BBC Cedarville

June 29 - Crazy Eddie's, Plymouth

June 30 - OC's Restaurant, West Yarmouth

For more info:

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