New Equipment - Better Experience: FREE ONSET FILM FESTIVAL

Coinciding with the opening of the 3rd Annual FREE ONSET FILM FESTIVAL, Cultural Connection, Inc., underwriters of the festival supplied attendees with a new highly reflective professional screen and commercial quality HD projector.

After a lengthy Sponsor & Supporter's drive and some private donations, Cultural Connection was able to purchase the equipment, "the Free Onset Film Festival is our longest running and most successful fund raiser." Cultural Connection holds fund raising events such as the Free Onset Film Festival, Contra Dances, Salsa Dances (and soon, line dances) as well as the Onset Beach Sandcastle and Kite Festivals to raise awareness and funds to improve the cultural assets in Greater Wareham. Past funds have gone to painting the benches at the band shell, refinishing the gymnasium floor at the Boys & Girls Club.  The Wareham Historical Society will soon be the beneficiary of some improvements at the Old Methodist Meeting House.

The following Greater Wareham businesses have donated to Cultural Connection, Inc. to help produce our fund raising events including the purchase of the new movie equipment. They have demonstrated their commitment to the community not just by locating their businesses here but through participation in the support of the local culture that raises this community beyond average to extraordinary. These business establishments are:  Chapman, Cole & Gleason Funeral Home, Dog Days Coffee 2 Go, Cranberry Self Storage, Facshetti & Fachshetti, Lindsey's Family Restaurant, Affordable Driveways, Wareham Village Funeral Home, Mainly Dawgs, Meineke Muffler of Wareham, Eastern Bank, Narrows Restaurant, Cape Cod Collectables, Gateway Treasure Hunter's Club, Pier View Restaurant, Flagship Cinemas. Please support these local businesses because they are and they support your community.

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Posted by: Doctor Deekas | Jul 05, 2017 09:47

The guy Paul that runs this has some strange 'community connections'. There doesn't seem to be an accounting of all of these businesses that he runs and where the money goes....follow the money....always. If I were a sponsor, I would be worried enough to ask more questions. Someone said he may not pay for the right movie licenses to show those films, as just one example. We shouldn't be using local cultural council money to fund this type of business if some of the money is going to a slush fund that fixes a church or the Boys & Girls club. Those entities should apply for themselves, or perhaps they wouldn't qualify for the money....and that's the reason....

Posted by: Cultural Agent | Jul 06, 2017 14:17

We are not exactly sure what you are getting at.  Cultural Connection, Inc. is a public registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, you could look it up yourself. All official documentation is filed with the appropriate agencies, please feel free to check with them.

With regard to the "accounting of all these businesses he runs," where exactly would you like the accounting to be? Have you checked other charities? Where do they publish their documentation of accounting?  How many businesses do you think you know there are?

Who was it that said the movie licenses may not be correct and with whom did they check?

Where is the rule is it that says that one nonprofit business cannot help another?

Whence did you obtain your training as to know what would "qualify" and what does not?

Do you object to volunteers working their hearts out for a solid week of their own time refinishing the floor at the Boys & Girls Club. Do the children not deserve a nice floor on which to play?

Slush fund?! We barely make ends meet, we work hard.

Why don't you call the Cultural Connection, Inc? Their number is published on line in many of the Village Soup articles, then speak to the "Paul" guy himself.

Why would you be complaining about an organization that helps other nonprofits? That seems counter productive to the American Spirit.

Posted by: Doctor Deekas | Jul 06, 2017 15:26

And there you have it folks. Paul doesn't dispute the slushy nature of the money trail. One group helping another - it does happen, but it's not always money, and it's not always in ways that the recipient organization would not qualify. For example, if Paul receives money from the local Cultural Council (that is derived from State grant money), for the movie series or for a theater play, he should not put that into a general fund, and then send that to fixing a Church where the Church would not be eligible to get those monies. Paul doesn't see an issue, it's the pat-on-the-back method. Joe Taxpayer, and Joe Sponsor should.

Posted by: Steve Holmes | Jul 06, 2017 15:55

DOC kind of early to be tipping the flask isn't it? If you want to have answers to questions the group would be more than happy to answer them. But to insinuate things in your questions is like a CNN trick. I don't believe any local government money goes to this group at all. I have received receipts and invoices and know exactly where my money went. This group performs a lot of task that folks in the town either will not or cannot afford to do. Jim Potter started the movies, to suggest that this is a business is ludicrous, you don't make money giving stuff away. Instead of trying to cause trouble you should thank the many supporters  and volunteers that give freely of their time and money so that we can have these activities and good things in Town. Now go back to the other threads and leave these good folks alone. I am sure there are many other things for you to pick on. If you know of something illegal call Chief Walsh, of course you would have to come out from behind your keyboard for that. Paul and group, sorry for people like this but you know what they say it takes all kinds to form a village. Keep up the good work and Thanks

Posted by: Doctor Deekas | Jul 06, 2017 16:09

You're right, I questioned a money trail. How un-American of me. Nothing above would involve Chief Walsh, it's more a civics lesson of proper accounting than criminal behavior. Did the Library Board ever go to jail for those accounting problems many years ago with our Public Library? I will go back to hiding behind my keyboard as I'm told.

Posted by: October5th | Jul 06, 2017 19:25

I certainly hope that this person calling himself "Doctor" is not in possession of a PHD. His ability to grasp a situation seems like that of a small child. Clearly he is an internet troll who has does not understand finances or really how to be a human being at all. It takes a cowardly joke of a human being to bitch about what he doesn't understand. It takes an adult to put blood, sweat and tears into making this town a little better. It makes one feel a little sad that such a miserable little man has to live such a sad and unfufilled life.

Posted by: 181mph | Jul 09, 2017 05:41

don't you think that's kind of harsh,, you don't know if that miserable man is small or large,,, but you got the rest right

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