Classic car show revs up for Onset playground drive

By Matthew Bernat | Jun 04, 2018
Photo by: Matthew Bernat A new car show held at the Tremont Nail Factory District raised funds for the Lopes Playground rebuild on Sunday.

The Tremont Nail Factory District is becoming a classic car haven.

On Sunday, 105 people parked hot rods, muscle cars, cruisers and more at the historic former nail factory, raising approximately $1,050 for the Lopes Field playground rebuild.

The show, hosted by Wareham Outdoor Community Recreation, came on the heels of a car show held in the complex for the first time last July.

“That show was a huge success,” said Nora Bicki, of Wareham Outdoor Community Recreation. “And holding this show here at Tremont is a good use of the property and hopefully will encourage more events in the future.”

She noted the July show’s organizers, Selectman Alan Slavin and Paul Girard, put together Sunday’s event. Some of the cars displayed jogged some memories for Bicki.

“When I see the cars I remember my dad driving when I was a child, that’s really fun,” she said.

Visitors meandered through rows of parked cars on the property, peering into windows and looking under the hoods.

Stephen Maher of Brockton drove up with his 1955 Chevy 150 sedan.

“I bought this in 1974 when I was a teenager,” he said, noting much time was spent restoring the car.

Dartmouth’s John Soares arrived with his 1971 Cutlass Supreme. He bought the car in 2001 and had it completely restored.

“It drives likes its brand new,” said Soares.

In addition to the cars, the event featured food, music by rock-ability band Daddy-O and raffles. Car show sponsors include: Douglas Napa Auto Parts, Robertson’s GMC, Robertson’s Used Auto Parts and Robertson’s Auto Body.

A line of Corvettes parked at the show. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
Kevin Kingston of Buzzards Bay checks out one of the cars. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
Alden Lathers, 5, of Plymouth peers at an engine. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
A reflection of one of the show's attendees in a car. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
George Tavares of Westport sits in front of his 1967 Chevy Impala Super Sport. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
Stephen Maher stands next to his 1955 Chevy 150 Sedan. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
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Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jun 04, 2018 08:05

Nice car show.  That old factory sure is a costly backdrop for these photos!  Otherwise what good is it?  It has been several months since an update on the progress of the redevelopment.  What's next?  Seems like car shows are all that's happened.  If shows like that are the future, they can knock down the buildings, increase the parking lot, and have bigger shows.  It can become "Tremont Nail Fairgrounds".  We can have our own Marshfield Fair type place.  Car shows, Carnivals, Demo-derby, 4H, etc.  We don't need a bunch of rotting buildings for that type of use.  A big open fairground will be perfect!


I was onboard with the plans to redevelop, but I'm going to stop holding my breath.  I don't see and haven't heard about any progress.  It just doesn't seem feasible. Closed road, failing dam, coastal flood zone, rotting buildings, and a cash poor town.  How's that supposed to work? Think about it.  Seems like common sense that it's just not feasible.

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Jun 04, 2018 12:27

WBTS - There was a Rabies Vaccine Clinic held there in April...and there was the "Meet Me at the Tremont Gala" last August:


And selectmen just recently (May 2018) assigned responsibility for Tremont Nail's future to the town's Redevelopment Authority Board:


Maybe see if you can find out when the Redevelopment Authority meets next and attend a meeting? Unfortunately there too many different meetings going on in town for Wareham Week to cover all of them. And even if they are able to cover a meeting, there's always a possibility that the information you are seeking may not be included in the article.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jun 05, 2018 09:26

Thanks Andrea, I would be interested in learning more.


True, Wareham Week doesn't cover everything.  Yet the Tremont Nail saga has been large, long, and opinionated.  Wareham Week does tend to cover news and progress on Tremont Nail.  The redevelopment was received well, yet months of hearing crickets makes many lose confidence.


The three examples you mentioned actually support my opinion that not much is apparently going on.  The Gala was infact a hopeful event at which the plans for Tremont Nail were presented  and celebrated on site.  It occurred 9 months ago. The rabies clinic was a mobile vet unit that just needed a parking lot to assemble. That wasn't a very artisan or historical use of a 300 year old liability.  And the recent handoff...well, it depends how one interprets that. Maybe it is now in the right hands or maybe the monkey went from one back to another?

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Jun 05, 2018 11:17

WBTS - I've been following (and frustrated with) the saga of the Tremont Nail factory, the dam, the pollution  and the bridge for years. Town meeting voted a specified amount of funding several years ago for repairs at the urging of selectmen, who said application for a matching grant was contingent upon Town Meeting approving the funding. The funding was approved, and then the grant application wasn't applied for???


Meanwhile, the much loved, and heavily trafficked Country Store which stood opposite the Nail Factory and which was very supportive of the town struggled to survive with its main access road blockaded on one end and detour signage that didn't sufficiently attract the attention of potential customers, despite the store's investment in some of the signage. The closure of the store, politely described as a "retirement" was heart breaking, as the retiring owner's well liked, vibrant, and gifted  daughters whose efforts and vision  contributed so much to the store would surely have loved to continue the store for many years into the future.


Regarding the recent hand off to the town's recently formed (2018) Redevelopment Authority, as I said in my comment above:


"Maybe see if you can find out when the Redevelopment Authority meets next and attend a meeting? Unfortunately there too many different meetings going on in town for Wareham Week to cover all of them. And even if they are able to cover a meeting, there's always a possibility that the information you are seeking may not be included in the article."

Posted by: Wareham CORE | Jun 05, 2018 13:22

Trying to stay positive, CORE was very pleased with the large space at the site which worked well for the car show. We still hope once more people see the possibilities of the Tremont Nail Factory, they will want to hold events there. Quite a few people on Sunday had never been on the property and were surprised to see what it had to offer.

But this is a great article about the car show (with great photos Matt!). We would like to thank all of the people who brought their cars to show and all the people who came to see the cars, buy raffle tickets, fence pickets and food with all proceeds going to support the rebuilding of Lopes Playground into an all-inclusive playground for our entire community.

We would also like to thank the anonymous donor who paid for the Band Daddy-O! which cut our expenses and to also thank our sponsors named in the article who were very generous with their support.


Posted by: 181mph | Jun 06, 2018 12:43

a very nice article about the car show and it's benefit to the Lopes playground project, great pictures, i wish i could have been there,  and then we have the comment section where purveyor  of doom WBTS posts 3 positive words about the entire article,,  "nice car show", then instead of anything positive about the car show, continues on with the political crap,, if you did not have interest enough to comment on the show or the reason for it, you should have posted your 3 little words and then started a new discussion elsewhere about the  crap you posted,,,

@CORE,, great job with the car show and the monies for the Lopes playground project, it's good to see some positive works in my old town,, kudos to all involved

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