Charge Non-Residents for Beach Parking.

By Theresa ONeill
This is NOT Onset Beach - it's Singing Beach in Manchester where it's $25 to park

Hello Wareham Residents.

It is time Wareham charged non-residents to park at our lovely beaches. This will not affect parking in commercial zones because we already have a town policy for commercial zones.

FYI The picture at left is of Singing Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea -  not Onset Beach in Wareham - our beaches are just as beautiful.

See the following link to see what Manchester-by-the-Sea charges to park at Singing Beach. In case you can't get the link, Manchester charges $25 a day to park plus a $5 charge to use the beach. . For your money you got use of the lovely beach, a bath house with shower, bathrooms, and changing room plus a snack bar. All charges were well worth it, particularly since it was a pristine beach, plus clean and well attended amenities.

Please see reviews of Singing Beach DESPITE the costs. Our beaches are just as nice and easier to get to -

FYI, If you didn't pay to park you took your chances parking in the town but were subject to a large ticket (double) if you overstayed your 1 hour allotted time - which Manchester strictly enforced. So, like most of my friends - we took the train - and walked the 1/2 mile to the beach and then paid a cover charge to get on the beach!

While details can be worked out, all residents (with proof) would get a sticker allowing them to park at any town beaches. For guests of residents, a special "guest" pass could be devised. Again, details could be worked out and most towns already have this in place so no reinventing the wheel here...

Monies raised from parking fees could/would/should be mandated to be strictly for beach parking & maintenance costs, lifeguards, bathhouse, additional police, maybe even paying for fireworks which at this time are all from private donations... etc.

A petition to get this on the Fall Town Warrant will be forthcoming.


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