Woodworking, contracting businesses proposed for West Wareham

By Matthew Bernat | Feb 21, 2017
A birds-eye-view of where Cape Cod-based C&J Hunt Construction Services plans to construct six new buildings off Charlotte Furnace Road.

A Cape Cod-based general contractor plans to construct six, roughly 10,000-square-foot buildings off Charlotte Furnace Road. C&J Hunt Construction Services wants to develop the 6-acre site, currently owned by A.D. Makepeace Co.

The development is proposed for the “Business Development Overlay District,” a 300-acre area located in the heavily wooded, cranberry bog-laden northwest corner of town.

Created 12 years ago by a Town Meeting vote, the district is designed to attract businesses that aren’t heavily industrial or solely focused on retail. Businesses that are allowed include: medical and administrative offices, health clubs, research and development laboratories and light manufacturing. That last business is allowed provided its activities aren’t “offensive, objectionable or injurious to the abutting residential areas because of excessive noise, vibration, smoke fumes and odors.”

A representative from a company working to find tenants for the project said C&J Hunt will be a good fit, and it is likely to attract similar businesses.

“The purpose of creating the overlay district was to bring more business to town, bring more jobs and stimulate the tax base,” said Christopher Bailey, a senior broker with Commercial Realty Advisors, Inc. “This development is certainly right on target for all of that.”

Bailey said C&J Hunt Construction Services envisions new locations for its general contracting business, subsidiaries related to home and commercial construction and space for complementary businesses not owned by C&J Hunt.

“We want to set it up as a good home for a number of businesses,” said Bailey, who described C&J Hunt as a “full service contracting firm.”

Currently, Bailey’s firm is attracting businesses to lease space at the three buildings that won’t be occupied by C&J Hunt and a pair of its subsidiaries – Saltwater Woodworks and Spectrum Wood Finishes.

Saltwater Woodworks offers custom-built cabinets and furniture, design services, flooring and heirloom furniture repairs. Spectrum Wood Finishes offers a variety of finish services for cabinets and other products.

Bailey noted that, pending Planning Board approval, there are hopes to move quickly on constructing the first and second building on the site, however, he said no timeline has been set.

“It’s based on demand and how quickly we can bring qualified tenants to the table. I will say we are very much hoping on building the second building right away. It really depends on how things go,” said Bailey.

The development’s public hearing is set for March 13 at 7 p.m. in the Multi-Service Center.

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Posted by: cranky pants | Feb 21, 2017 13:02

I wish our town, or perhaps a private land owner would build an ATV/dirt bike/off-road vehicle park. There's nowhere to legally ride anymore, and there would be a lot of people looking to camp out all weekend.

Posted by: alwayscoaching | Feb 21, 2017 13:56

There is one. Wareham MX. warehammx.com

Posted by: cranky pants | Feb 21, 2017 15:22

I'm aware of the track at Atwood's, they don't allow ATV's or UTV's there on a regular basis and it's far too small for jeeps and trucks.

It's a very nice track if you're into riding a track... But some of the riders would prefer a trail system.

Posted by: desertsky | Feb 22, 2017 08:59

Not personally into the sport, but I'm guessing liability issues are something to consider. These days with everyone and their brother looking for a reason to sue, I think anyone would be hard pressed to open what you're looking for. The insurance fees would probably be huge? Just a thought..

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