Who's children are riding bicycles in the streets up town ?

By cranky pants | Jul 14, 2017

I'm writing this out of frustration, so if is off kilter I apologize before hand.

In the last three weeks I have encountered a large group of youths riding their bicycles down main street, in and out of traffic. I have witnessed them play chicken with automobiles and take turns cutting into the driving lane to intentionally impede traffic flow.

I've heard numerous calls going out over the police scanner, so it's obviously not just myself that's seeing this happen. What's the big deal ? Apparently someone isn't being a parent. Any parent that cares about their children wouldn't stomach seeing them nearly get run over.

I'm aware of the bicycle laws, my responsibilities as a licenced motorist, the three foot rule and basic road etiquette. I am a safe driver and I'm sure you are too. I'm also in tune with the fact that in today's age our streets are polluted with distracted drivers, drunk drivers and drug addicts who crash cars into telephone poles..

Not for nothing, but Massachusetts does have a helmet law and it states "Massachusetts law requires any person 16 years old or younger riding a bicycle to wear a helmet. " Why aren't the police issuing tickets ??

I'm done ranting and venting, I'm just hoping this will induce some situational awareness before something happens to this band of young ignorant cyclists.. Or an innocent motorist for that matter.



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Posted by: Peaches0409 | Jul 15, 2017 10:59

I've encountered this group of kids as well. I've seen them late at night, well after dark. It's a tragedy waiting to happen. When one of them is killed their parents will be crying all over the news about what a good kid he was. Wake up parents! Your kids shouldn't be out riding bikes that late. They are up to no good and nothing but trouble. I agree cranky, these parents are lacking what it takes. I bet some of them already know their little angels are wreaking havoc and haven't done crap about it! How about you try taking their bikes away instead of thinking not my little darling.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 18, 2017 10:05

These little hooligans are just a gang in the making. The parents (if any of them have 2 parents) don't care or even know where they are. That's the thing "nowadays" (boy I sound old). When we were kids our parents and the other parents kept their kids and the neighborhood under control. Nowadays these kids likely have one parent that's likely self-absorbed and doesn't give a crap where 15 year old Johnny is. Johnny is just a hindrance because the parent is likely out partying and up to no good, just like Johnny. Its a vicious cycle. Monkey-see-monkey-do and the apples don't fall far from the tree.

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Jul 18, 2017 11:14

This isn't just happening on main streets, it's happening on side streets within neighborhoods as well. It's also happening during daylight hours as well as after dark, its mostly with bikes, but sometimes skateboards or a combination of both. And from what I've noted, it's not just teens, but kids as young as nine and ten years old as well. I'd like to see a public awareness campaign, one warning, and then impounding of the bike or skateboard for two weeks on the occurrence of a second infraction.


If something isn't done, there are bound to be accidents, perhaps a child playing chicken hit by a car, or a driver swerved off the road and into a tree or utility poll, in effort to avoid injuring a child.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 18, 2017 12:15

This makes me think of the groups (gangs) that ride dirtbikes & ATVs recklessly on the streets in urban locations.  It started as a big issue in NYC and has spread. I saw it right in New Bedford.  It was like a scene out of a Mad Max movie.  Maybe these young punks are doing their best at copy catting that foolishness?  Maybe I'm wrong, but something has led to this new non-motorized trend.  Is there a movie or video game that has anything like this in it?


An accident may be what it takes to put a damper on this recklessness. Sad for a kid to get hurt or someone to swerve and crash.  But these kids think they're invincible. Maybe it has to get worse before it gets better.

Posted by: cranky pants | Jul 19, 2017 07:20

It would certainly be cut down if the police issued citations for no helmets instead of just asking them to stay out of the streets..

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Jul 19, 2017 07:39

WBTS, The dirt bag punks taking over highways and streets with dirt bikes, atvs and pocket rockets doing stunts has been going on for a while. In some places its really bad with large groups of arrogant thugs doing stunts and such on the roads. I wish there was a device that would jam pipes into the spokes of these roadway terrorists while they are riding. Its mostly just a lack of respect from the youth of today. Most need a punch in the mouth.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 19, 2017 12:09

Enforcing helmets would be a great way to begin to pick away at the problem. Grabbing the easy ones to catch, calling parent, impounding the bike, fining them, etc. will set a precedent.  Do our police have the bandwidth to chase kids on bikes? Our police are up to their ears chasing thugs on drugs!


They could enforce helmets and try a proactive way that would align with Andrea's comment about an awareness campaign or something along those lines.  During the school year they could have the police visit the schools and do presentations. Shake the kids up a bit with threats of the penalties.  Even show some graphic movies showing what can happen to a kid that's been hit by a car.  Torn off limbs, compound fractures, and guts hanging out may be hard for our delicate flowers to look at, but it may scare some sense into them.

Posted by: 181mph | Jul 19, 2017 12:39

how bout a place in town where a track/course could be built that would draw these youth and give them a place they can do the stunt riding thing, motocross, and other competitions, y'all are so quick to throw out all the punishments, but i never ever see any attempts to actually rectify a problem,,,,always the same crap

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 19, 2017 12:49

Sphere, I have seen some craziness around here involving one or two dirt bikes.  Nearest I saw a gang was that time in New Bedford.  They know where they can get away with it.  Long roads with one way in.  Glen Charlie, Charge Pond, and Swifts Beach are examples.  They race up and down the road, pulling a wheelies, passing cars at 80 and then they disappear long before the police can get there.  Tossing a pipe in the spokes does seem like a satisfying solution.


This might make you feel good. There was a guy with his girlfriend on back, racing down Swifts Beach Road, in the dark, no lights, no helmets, etc. on a fast dirt-bike.  He T-boned a car coming out of Shady Lane (not car's fault because bike was speeding with no lights).  Guy got wrecked but recovered so I don't feel too bad making light of this story. Girlfriend was launched far into someone's front yard bushes but luckily wasn't hurt too badly.  He was placed into an induced coma while they pieced him back together.  Story has it that he wanted to be placed back into a coma after they woke him because his wife was by his bedside and had a few questions about the girlfriend on the bike.  True story...


As a kid, me and my friends had mini-bikes and dirt bikes. We respectfully walked them on the street until we got to the woods. Nobody was racing up and down the road!  Nowadays there still are good kids that don't ride on the street.  Unfortunately for those good ones, these dirt bag punks are really ruining it.  Like everything else...

Posted by: Doctor Deekas | Jul 19, 2017 15:01

Tremont Nail = indoor bike track in the factory building. Problem solved?

Posted by: Peaches0409 | Jul 19, 2017 15:35

I love the idea about impounding their bikes an calling parents. What better way to send the message. I would guess it would only have to happen once to most of these kids.

Posted by: cranky pants | Jul 19, 2017 20:35

Giving them a place to ride might help by giving the responsible bicycle riders a place to go. Unfortunately that isn't the case with this group, they cross the road in front of vehicles and intentionally challenge traffic. It's scary and a bother at the same time.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 20, 2017 10:45

Cranky, "scary and a bother" is much too kind.  It's a challenge not to want to stop and beat some sense into them.  No, I wouldn't really do that because I'd get sued by the delicate flowers.  But it would feel good for a while.


I had two punks on foot with saggin' pants walking same direction as I was driving.  As I approached, one intentionally walked out in the road and continued walking slowly in front of me.  It went on for a good distance. They were laughing to each other as the one in the road thought he was impressing the other.  He actually started dancing as he walked.  It was frustrating.  I wasn't having it.  I safely tapped the car into neutral and coasted  right up to the idiot.  While free rolling I revved the engine loud when I was on top of him.  The dumb kid jumped out of his shoes and bolted back to his buddy. I gave him a reason to have sagging pants because I'm pretty sure he crapped in them. They both had a look of horror.  I safely popped it back in drive, gave a wave, and went on my way.  I got no time for that!


These kids do stupid things because they can.  These kids know that there isn't much that can be done to them...or at least they think that.  I suggest we all find ways to take this matter into our own hands.  They say it "takes a village".  I'll be glad to scare some more sense into some more punks.

Posted by: cranky pants | Jul 20, 2017 14:31


Trust me, I typed the real words I wanted to say four times but I kept going back and erasing my original post and rewriting it because I knew someone on this forum would call me out for being a bully..

Kudos to you for scaring those two dingbats, I have the strong suspicion that you really wanted to keep in it drive while you floored the gas, not neutral.. I've been there.

Luckily for me, I drive a big vehicle with oversized tires. If by chance I do run someone over due to their own stupidity I at least won't sustain any damage to my truck.

( no I wouldn't intentionally run someone over, it's just something I typed for entertainment )

Posted by: Phredzzz | Jul 22, 2017 13:41

To those who think our Police department will help to solve this problem, you are probably looking in the wrong direction. We, (Myself and the lady in my life) have called the Police on several occasions for some of the issues you have described and guess what? We have completely struck out! As for one example; the last time we called was in relation to an underage and obviously unlicensed ATV driver who played chicken with us on a very heavily traveled street. When we called the Wareham police, the lady who answered the phone and assuming she as the dispatcher, responded with "What do you want us to do? We cant catch them! " We responded with disdain that we just wanted the Police to at the least, TRY to do their job. She said "Sorry, there is nothing we can do for you". So there you have it; we can point fingers in a lot of directions, but when there is NO hope or even a little effort made by our local authorities, we as citizens of Wareham can never fix these problems. At least the New Bedford Police have a Hot-Tip line and immediate police dispatch as an attempt to arrest juvenile delinquents. We in Wareham get the offensive response I mentioned above.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 22, 2017 14:50

Play chicken right back at them!  The arrogance of these rotten punks combined with the response from the police is enough to make one's blood boil.


I'm always sending praise towards our police when they handle the normal neverending Warehamy issues.  Seems like they are tapped out and can't handle this bicycle & motor bike stuff.


If they don't have the bandwidth to deal with this on a regular basis they should do a quick crack down and absolutely throw the book at the first couple they catch.  I'm talking full blown.  Impound or even confiscate forever. Arrest and fine.  Take away drivers license.  Prevent young kids from  getting a license. Site them for everything possible. Set a precedent. Word will get out.

Posted by: cranky pants | Jul 22, 2017 18:18

The attention this discussion is getting is great. When I first wrote this excerpt I was simply venting some frustrations. It's becoming quite clear that many of the readers here have witnessed this group in action. While it's satisfying to see other people with the same feelings, It's also becoming obvious that some of the things said here are twisting the arm hairs of some readers..

If it's causing that big of an issue then perhaps you should call the offender directly. If by chance you don't have their number then there is a strong possibility that you don't know them well enough to have a problem with what their views and opinions are.

Elvis Presley !

Posted by: Phredzzz | Jul 24, 2017 08:40

To WBTS. I also want to agree with you and add that we are ussually very supportive of or local police department. However, on this particular issue, our police get a failing grade and we are not really sure if there is any effort within the department  to correct this situation.

Posted by: 181mph | Jul 24, 2017 15:35

i'm having some problem with this statement by PHREDZZZ,,

"What do you want us to do? We cant catch them! " We responded with disdain that we just wanted the Police to at the least, TRY to do their job. She said "Sorry, there is nothing we can do for you".

i'm really trying not to say this is not true, but if a police dispatcher told me that on a 911 call, i would have my butt down to the police station, and someone would have to explain that to me, and that would be right after they fired the dispatcher,,,

Posted by: Phredzzz | Jul 25, 2017 14:41

To 181MPH: I'm also having some problems with you having some problems. Your comments indicate that you have authority to Fire Police Department employees. If not-so because your words "right after they fired the Dispatcher" indicate that you could make it happen, then going to the Police station would accomplish nothing. If that is so, and you actually can Hire and Fire, then I encourage you to do so! If you go to the station on an issue such as the one I have mentioned, please send me a notice via this forum and I will be more than willing and happy to meet you there as a backup witness to these crazy and dangerous 4-wheelers, Dirt-Bikers, Bike Riders, etc. who are terrorizing our streets and neighborhoods.

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