'We're not brewers, we're maltsters': Board OKs license for beer business

By Lydia Goerner | Jun 27, 2017
Photo by: Lydia Goerner Michael Schroth (left) and Mark St. Jean, co-founders of Stone Path Malt, received approval for an Annual Common Victualer Wines and Malt License.

A malt house is planned to open in Wareham within the next year, bringing beer tourists, educating people on the malting process and providing products for home brewers.

Stone Path Malt received approval from Selectmen for a seasonal wine and malt license on Tuesday night, paving the way for a pioneering business in the world of home brewing.

They won't be brewing beer, but they will produce malt for craft brewers in New England and offer tours and a tap bar, according to co-founders Mark St. Jean and Michael Schroth. This is the first establishment of its kind in the country, Schroth said.

Malt is germinated grains that are dried in a process called “malting.” The grain is germinated by soaking in water and then dried in a kiln. The malt is then used in beer, among other things, like malted milkshakes. For lighter beer, the malt is heated at a lower temperature and for a shorter period of time than for a dark beer.

Stone Path Malt will supply malt for home brewers and will serve beer made by customers from the business' malt, but the founders made it clear they will not brew their own beer.

“We’re not brewers, we’re maltsters,” Schroth said.

The founders of Stone Path Malt said they are confident their store will bring in tourists, as beer tourism is increasingly popular in New England. Massachusetts ranks fifth in the country of volume of production of craft beer, St. Jean pointed out. The business will start by selling 12 products and later extend their range to 20 to 30 products.

The two hope to begin production this year and open for business at the end of the year or beginning 2018. Equipment from a tenth-generation German beer equipment company will be coming in this year. St. Jean and Schroth will be in charge of the malting process.

There is an “educational element of the marketing plan,” Schroth said. People will be able to tour the facility, watch the malting process and sample malt and the beer made with it.

Schroth said they chose Wareham to establish their malt house because of the quality of resources here, including the water, sewer system and suitable building, which is 30,000 square feet and located at 11 Kendrick Road.

The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously on Tuesday night to grant an Annual Common Victualer Wines and Malt License. This seasonal license will mean the malt house can remain open from April to January.

Selectmen Peter Teitelbaum (left) and Alan Slavin examine small bags of malt, some of the product Stone Path Malt will sell. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
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