'Welcome to our town': Kindergartners build model display of Wareham

By Andrea Ray | Apr 08, 2017
Photo by: Andrea Ray

It turns out that Decas Elementary kindergartners have a very good idea of what Wareham should look like.

In fact, they've built an entire model to illustrate their thoughts. Fire stations, swimming pools, parks and trains are all on display, spreading over Decas' lobby.

The kindergartners have spent the last month learning about Wareham's history and landmarks. According to Assistant Principal of Academics Jo-Anne Gibbs, the model project was a good way to get the students working together on a creative project.

Gibbs explained that each kindergarten class built a different section of the model, and chose to create one significant building from Wareham together - choices made included the fire station, Wareham Harbor, and Town Hall .

In addition, each student created their own building to add to the model town. "Some made their houses," Gibbs explained, "and some made their dream houses." She pointed to one house which boasted a zoo in the backyard.

In addition, the classes created signs listing the best things about Wareham, and what they felt could make it even better. Among the ideas for what would make Wareham a fairer and more beautiful place were cleaning of litter, painting buildings, planting trees and flowers, a zoo, more sunny days, and ice cream shops for all.

"If only kindergartners ruled the world!" Gibbs said with a laugh.

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Posted by: Society for Suppression of Noise | Apr 10, 2017 22:31

How very cool!  Ice cream and vitamin D for all!  Already have a zoo, though--they sneak in at night and eat all my plants.

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