Wareham's election results are in, with few surprises

Apr 04, 2017
Photo by: Matthew Bernat

The results of Wareham's uncontested Town Election are in, with few surprises in store.

All candidates will officially join or return to the boards they ran for, as no write-in campaigns were waged.

The turnout of all registered voters in Wareham and Onset was roughly 2 percent. Only 330 voters showed at polling stations throughout the day, out of a total of 14,841 registered voters. Selectman candidate Peter Teitelbaum attributed the low turnout to the uncontested races and poor weather.

A small group of candidates were on hand at Wareham Town Hall Tuesday night to witness the election results firsthand. Teitelbaum chatted with Town Administrator Derek Sullivan as he waited to see the final numbers. New School Committee members Laurie Spear and Joyce Bacchiocchi also waited - Bacchiocchi had a large family entourage on hand.

Teitelbaum and Judith Whiteside will return to the Board of Selectmen, with 281 and 287 votes respectively. "She got me by five!" Teitelbaum said in mock distress as he read the final results. Sullivan helpfully pointed out that in fact, Whiteside had bested him by six.

James McCahill and Priscilla Porter will also return to the Board of Assessors, with 276 and 284 votes respectively.

Laurie Spear and Joyce Bacchiocchi will join the Wareham School Committee April 5 for their first meeting, having replaced longtime retiring members Cliff Sylvia and Mel Lazarus. Bacciocchi received 292 total votes, and Spear received 262.

Incumbent Sewer Commissioners Donna Bronk and Malcolm White will continue on with the board. Bronk received 274 votes, and White received 290. Bronk will also return to the Housing Authority with 286 total votes.

Incumbent Wareham Constable Steven Coughlin will also continue, having earned 266 total votes in the uncontested race.

Teitelbaum, Spear and Bacchiocchi were all sworn into their positions after results were tallied Tuesday night.



Joyce Bacchiocci is sworn into the School Committee by Town Clerk Mary Ann Silva (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
School Committee member Laurie Spear is sworn in Tuesday night. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
Peter Teitelbaum returns to the Board of Selectman is he is sworn in Tuesday night. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
Comments (5)
Posted by: Society for Suppression of Noise | Apr 04, 2017 22:46

I'm among the 98%--it was cold and rainy today, after MONTHS of cold and rain and snow and general miserableness.


All the same, I wish the best of luck to new School Committee members Laurie Spear and Joyce Bacchiocci.

Posted by: brazz | Apr 05, 2017 18:59

Never understood why voting isn't on a Friday & Saturday or Sunday & Monday

Posted by: bob | Apr 05, 2017 20:23

BRAZZ,Good point,but wouldn't work in this town,The town hall employees don't work on Fridays...Suppose to be saving money on the energy bill....

Posted by: Chaka | Apr 07, 2017 15:43

The town employees work till 6pm mon-thurs, but stangely, I can never reach the person I want at town hall after 5 pm.

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Apr 07, 2017 17:04

Chaka - Don't know who you are trying to reach after 5 p.m., but depending upon what their responsibilities are, they might be doing required end of day functions.

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