Wareham to remain a school choice district

By Lydia Goerner | May 09, 2018

The Wareham School Committee voted to keep its school district open to school choice in the upcoming academic year.

This means the district will accept students who choose to come into Wareham Public Schools, but it doesn't prevent Wareham students from leaving the district.

School choice was first enacted in Massachusetts in 1991 and allows parents to send students to public school outside of their home district as long as the students are accepted into a limited number of slots in “receiving districts.”

The School Committee vote on Wednesday ensured that the Wareham Public School System will remain a receiving district.

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Posted by: QueenBee | May 12, 2018 08:18

Does anyone know how many Wareham students are opting to go to another school district and what is the cost per student to the taxpayers?  Also, how many out of town students opt to come to Wareham schools?  Is "school choice" a law or is it voluntary?

Posted by: Peaches0409 | May 12, 2018 14:29

Queen this is an actual line item in the school budget. The cost per student is $5000 I believe. It's approximately 500 students for roughly 2 1/2 million dollars. This is exactly what is wrong with our school system. I understand why some parents need to send their kids out of district due to IEP's.  Others who send them because they think they are getting a better education somewhere else and then bitching about how little services our town provide are the ones who really get to me. My kids have spent every single school year here. One graduated from college last May (Magna Cum Laude to boot) and is currently gainfully employed and a home owner. The other is a top 10 student at the high school. I want these parents who are single handedly destroying the quality of education in the town to please explain how my two kids have excelled in such a bad school system.

Posted by: QueenBee | May 13, 2018 08:55

Thanks for your answer Peaches and congratulations on raising two good young people.  Not an easy task in this day and age.  This school practice is a disgrace and should not be allowed.  No wonder the taxes in this town are outrageous.  If you live here you should be required to go to the schools here unless you choose to go to a private or religious school which you pay for.  That's your choice.  My two kids went to school in a so called "blue collar" town and were looked down upon by kids in the town next to us but I am most thankful they have done very, very well.  Both were in the top ten percent of the high school (actually, my daughter graduated second in a class of over one fifty) and both graduated from college, one with a Master's degree. They were also very involved in sports, clubs and school government.  I'm a firm believer that you get out of it what you put into it.

I know three teachers in this town and they are smart ladies and a gentleman.  Obviously, I am not in their classrooms but I think you can tell if a person is smart or an airhead.  These folks know what they are doing and they are dedicated.  I worked in a private school and saw how hard the teachers work to educate and motivate the young people who wanted to learn.  The key word is "wanted".  What can be done about this school situation?  Is it the law?  Something needs to change for future generations who want to live in this beautiful area.

Posted by: Peaches0409 | May 14, 2018 10:26

Queen, I completely agree!

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