Wareham superintendent releases statement on shooting threats

May 07, 2017

Following the arrests of two Wareham High School students who allegedly threatened school shootings, Wareham Superintendent Kimberly Shaver-Hood released a statement addressing the incidents.

Shaver-Hood praised the response of school officials and Wareham Police, saying the students arrested at no time possessed weapons or had access to weapons. She also urged parents to speak with their children about the consequences about making such threats or joking about them.

See below for Shaver-Hood’s statement in full.

Dear Wareham Families,

During the past week, two students enrolled at Wareham High School, chose to make comments referencing shooting in the school.  In both situations the prompt action by teachers, Deans, Administration, and the School Resource Officer, resulted in the students being promptly removed from school and arrested.  At no time did the students possess any weapons, nor does it appear that either had immediate access to weapons. On both occasions, information informing the public was placed on our website, as presenting the community with accurate and timely information, within the scope allowed by law, is important to us.

Maintaining student and staff safety is our number one priority.  It is imperative for our students to understand that should they choose to make either direct statements or ones alluding to compromising the security of our students and staff, they will be removed from school, arrested, and charged with making terrorist threats.  I strongly urge you to have a conversation with your child regarding the seriousness of making such remarks and the life-altering consequences which will follow.

I understand at times students may make statements joking around with peers, out of frustration, or that such remarks may be a “plead for help.” I would ask you to urge your child to seek advice and help from, a parent, a school counselor or social worker, a teacher or administrator, or a trusted adult, as such actions as witnessed this week will likely have long-term consequences for both the students involved and for their families.

Again, I appreciate the prompt actions demonstrated by our facility and Administration at Wareham High School, our School Resource Officer, Chief Kevin Walsh and the Wareham Police Department.


Dr. Shaver-Hood

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Posted by: Steve Holmes | May 08, 2017 08:33

These kids and this social media has hit an all time low. It sounds like on the surface these comments were probably meant as a joke. But in today's world, this is not funny. Recently I was at a very small airport I mean really small, total of 2 TEA agents getting on a 9 passenger plane a young boy had a container of yogurt and they took it away from him, his grandmother turned to me and said what do they think we have a bomb in the yogurt? They immediately hauled her off to the pilots office and closed the door. They let her on the plane and when we were ready to get off the plane the pilot scolded her again,and let her know how lucky she was to be going home instead of jail. With all that's going on today, this stuff is not funny. I hope these two, and all kids will learn a lesson from this.

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