Wareham Selectmen recommend 32 of 34 Town Meeting items

Sep 19, 2017

There will be 34 items on the October Town Meeting agenda, and on Tuesday Selectmen recommend voters adopt all of them save for two.

Of those, one item will not be voted on at Town Meeting. Selectmen opted to wait on the other, which deals with minor changes to the town’s zoning bylaws, until all board members were present for the discussion. Selectman Patrick Tropeano was absent from Tuesday’s meeting.

Other agenda items, such as approving funds for a dog park, new roof for Town Hall’s auditorium and a tax break for a new business, were recommended unanimously.

Town Meeting is scheduled for Oct. 23 in the Wareham High School auditorium. All registered voters may attend.

Comments (3)
Posted by: Spherebreaker | Sep 20, 2017 07:35

Dog parks are for turds

Posted by: Phredzzz | Sep 20, 2017 09:32

Where can a voter preview the 34 proposals?

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Sep 20, 2017 16:07

Quote from article: "one item will not be voted on at Town Meeting" What is the item that will not be voted upon at Town Meeting?

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