Wareham Selectmen OK third marijuana license pending location approval

By Meghan Neely | Jul 17, 2018
Photo by: Meghan Neely Wareham Selectmen review plans for medical marijuana company Xiphias Wellness Inc.

Selectmen awarded the town's third and final recreational marijuana sales license on Tuesday, July 17, to Xiphias Wellness, Inc. pending the company's decision on a suitable location for doing business.

In total, 10 companies filed applications to either grow, process or sell recreational marijuana in Wareham before July 1, which was the state's target date for recreational sales.

Sales of medical marijuana have been allowed in Massachusetts since 2012 and in November 2016, a state ballot question passed that paved the way for recreational sales.

The state’s Cannabis Control Commission is drafting a framework for the oversight of retail marijuana shops; but to date, no retail stores in Wareham have opened. Earlier this year, voters at a Special Town Meeting approved regulations that limit the number of businesses that can sell marijuana to three.

The town's other two licenses were awarded to recreational marijuana company Trade Roots and medical marijuana company Verilife. Like Verilife, Xiphias Wellness is a medical marijuana company seeking to engage in recreational sales.

Xiphias approached Selectmen with plans to open up shop at the old 99 Restaurant in East Wareham, but were quickly shut down by Selectman Patrick Tropeano.

"It's a location that floods a lot, among other things," Tropeano said. "I don't think it would be a good fit."

Pending their ability to find a more suitable location in town, Selectmen voted to approve Xiphias Wellness.

"We're very grateful to all of the companies that applied," said Selectman Chair Alan Slavin. "This industry has a lot of interest, and we're hopeful it'll bring some money to Wareham."

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Posted by: bruce gannon | Jul 19, 2018 16:50

call me a cynic but the location floods is the reason to not allow the pot shop to move into the old 99 …. come on that's maybe why after careful consideration they decide it's not a good location but it's certainly not the town's concern to the extent they would disallow a business to occupy that location .. by doing so you've effectively condemned that location as unfit .. bad news for the realtor trying to sell that property … the cynic in me says having a pot shop in such a high visibility location was considered just a tad unsavory … but that's just my opinion

Posted by: cranky pants | Jul 19, 2018 17:21

Funny, it was good enough to serve food... Not good enough to serve marijuana. Gotcha.

Although, in all honesty while I am all for the shops opening up I'd rather not have them out on cholesterol highway.

Posted by: Warehamlifer | Jul 23, 2018 05:36

As a lifelong resident taxpayer here in Wareham,I don't think a third place is good fit anywhere in town.......

Posted by: barnstorm | Jul 25, 2018 09:22

Time to put the Spinney bldg. up for sale.The purchase to a group like Xiphias would be perfect fit. The location is on "high" ground, safe from flood waters. That would satisfy Tropeano & board members. Plus, it  is directly across from the police annex station......another win. Money from purchase could used to fund the main library, adding more hours and staff to its budget. The location only a walk from the concert shell and fireworks viewing. More traffic and customers for all the merchants in the  Onset village area. Couldn't ask for a better solution to the financial woes for the good folks of Onset.

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