Wareham resident pleased with road work

Nov 23, 2015

To the Editor,


A word of praise: I have been watching the work being done repairing Cranberry Highway. What a complicated task these folks have been accomplishing, while still allowing traffic to continue to flow. Especially, I am amazed at the job done at the junction of Route 28 and Depot Street. I understand that this is a State project, but I don’t know what the company name is that did the work. The job has been well planned and well done. Thank you from a Wareham citizen.


Kate Furler
Swifts Beach

Comments (3)
Posted by: OnsetForLife | Dec 06, 2015 09:30

would be nice if the town would finally fix the road near the onset boat ramp.  I've been dodging those pot holes for 3 years now.   So far I've lost one exhaust system and a tire.

Posted by: Zephyr | Dec 06, 2015 20:09

Kate, I agree with you.  They did a great job keeping traffic moving even if it was slow most of the time.  And the roads look great.  I would also like to take this post to thank the Wareham Police Department for keeping us up dated on road closures.  Every day I received emails from them with updates on which roads would be having work done. Great job to all involved.

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Dec 07, 2015 06:13

Smooth drive, an absolute pleasure. Also Wareham's contribution to the repaving of a huge area of County Road has turned a once ride of ruts into a smooth, comfortable and enjoyable drive.

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