Wareham resident expresses disappointment with Planning Board

Nov 23, 2015

To the Editor,


Having moved back to this area last year after spending the past 15 years in Dallas, I knew I would have to get used to changes. But some of these changes have not been positive. Dallas and the surrounding cities are a magnet for growth and the city and town administrations certainly have something to do with that growth and new tax revenue. They work with land owners, developers and builders so that their projects get reviewed, processed and approved as quickly as possible, while ensuring residents' concerns. In business, time is money.

As I have watched during the past year the bay Pointe Development in Onset grind along like a snail, I wonder why any developer would invest any significant amount of money in Wareham. And investors in other towns, cities and states have and are taking notice of the delays and unnecessary oversight and continued changes being required with this project.

This is a project that is projected to have mostly seniors and singles living in it, not families. So why would the Planning Board now want to change the lot sizes? Certainly, this has nothing to do with giving property owners more lawn space that they don't need.

It is time for the Selectmen of the town to get involved in these useless delays and get this project approved and started, as it certainly, at this point, is affecting the integrity of the town and its residents.


Al Latini
Wareham resident

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Posted by: Newlyaresident | Nov 24, 2015 07:38

This is a golf community. People who buy homes on a golf course expect to see golfers golfing. Open space to them is the golf course itself. And lot size is important in that the owners are there to golf, not maintain big yards. I agree the circus needs to end so that the project can begin and produce new revenue for the town!!

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Nov 24, 2015 10:50

Looking at the world beyond the borders of your own town can bring a lot of perspective.


Take for example Needham where for years mammoth million dollar plus homes have been rising up on tiny lots of land which once held small post WWII era homes. Tiny lots haven't created a problem for developers selling those houses, or home buyers. 


And then there are towns like Bourne, Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester where Planning Board members are elected by voters not appointed by officials from within town government. Could it be that elected planning board members are more responsive to the concerns of residents, because residents elect them? Who among us would want selectmen appointed by a handful of government officials, instead of elected by voters?

Posted by: Steve Holmes | Nov 24, 2015 21:15

Al for the past year or so I have been doing some work for the Forest Park Medical Center Group in Dallas, wow have they grown. I do have to be careful of my opinions here, but I am a strong supporter of this project and have been for the past 7-8 years, even before getting elected as a Selectman here. I had some hotel time over the past week, and went back to review the various meetings, they are all available on line, to see where this thing may have gone off the tracks. It appears to me anyway, that the Board members expressed a great deal of favor for this project over the past 2 years and even at recent meetings. The developer seems to have made almost all the requested changes that were asked of them. This process, over 2 years to approve a fairly simple golfing community has caused many businesses looking to relocate or start in this area to go elsewhere to other Towns. And judging from last nights meeting which was broadcast live, they changed the conditions and approved conditions that the developer has stated over the past 2 years are a deal breaker and may cause them not to go forward at all. And that would be a shame, I work with a lot of local business folks that are all behind this project for obvious reasons, not just the increased revenue, most all citizens and golfers support the project, the Town could use the projected tax revenue of 500+K a year. So even if the developer were to take a legal path, and their conditions were approved, they would still have to come back before this Board for any changes during development, that would not be an east task. The bitterness caused by legal action would always be in the room, we even had a member who I have a lot of respect for calling the developers attorneys names last night. I am always hopeful until the final bell rings, and I am still wishing for that Christmas miracle. Maybe Andrea is right, and that some of these land Boards and others that can control the future of our Town should be elected, just like we recently did with the Sewer Commission, those responsibilities used to fall under the Board of Selectman, I agreed with that move and the new Board has done a good job in my opinion so far. Lets keep our fingers crossed for a good outcome. Welcome to Wareham Al, I look forward to heading back to Dallas especially over the winter, I'll be thinking of you when I hear it is snowing here LOL. Happy Thanksgiving.

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