Wareham Public Schools campaign emphasizes opportunities, growth, seeks to get out of negative 'shadow'

By Lydia Goerner | May 19, 2017
Photo by: Lydia Goerner Wareham High School's posters advertising opportunities for students are one element of the Success Lives Here campaign.

Wareham Public Schools have launched a new campaign to show a positive side of the district that is often overlooked, according to Superintendent Kimberly Shaver-Hood.

The campaign is called Success Lives Here and will focus on using advertisements, posters and social media to share information about the schools with other communities. Shaver-Hood said they are also exploring using radio and newspaper ads for the campaign.

The district has not done many campaigns of this nature, especially targeting other communities to encourage students to attend Wareham Public Schools, Shaver-Hood said.

“We’re looking at sharing opportunities that we offer in our schools with other communities in case students would like to apply to school choice,” Shaver-Hood said. “We have a number of programs that may be very attractive.”

The Wareham Public Schools are not always portrayed in a favorable light. Shaver-Hood said though there are many accomplished students in the district, the district has always “lived under a shadow.”

“We want to share the good things that happen because unfortunately too often, people seem to capitalize on negativity,” Shaver-Hood said. “We’re asking them to please stop and focus on the positives that our students have.”

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Posted by: bob | May 19, 2017 12:14

Can anyone tell me or know what is a AP Class.....

Posted by: Andrea Smith | May 19, 2017 21:19

AP Class =Advanced Placement Class. Advanced placement classes are college level classes in a variety of subjects that students can take in high school. Students who successfully complete Advanced Placement classes in high school are able to enroll in a more advanced level of classes during their first year of college than can students who did not take AP classes in high school. Being able to enroll in higher level classes in the first year of college offers students a number of advantages, among them being able to fit more classes of special interest into their college years and the possibility of earning a college degree in less time than usually required.

Posted by: Peaches0409 | May 20, 2017 11:42

Not all colleges take AP credits so make sure you do your research. Also, at the end of the school year the student takes AP test (which they have to pay for). They have to get at least a 3 out of 5 to get credit.

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