Wareham Police thwart attempted bank robbery

Oct 11, 2016
Courtesy of: Wareham Police Department Robert Murphy

A 67-year-old man was arrested following an attempted robbery on Tuesday afternoon, after police received anonymous tips alerting them to the crime earlier that day.

Police notified Wareham banks about the tip and upped patrols. Officers were called to the Rockland Trust Bank located near Cranberry Plaza on Routes 6 and 28 at approximately 12:30 p.m. when a suspicious person was reported in the area.

The man, later identified as Robert Murphy of Cranberry Highway, entered the bank and handed a teller a note demanding cash or else someone would be hurt. Wareham Detective Dean Decas was on the scene following the suspicious person report. Decas arrested Murphy without incident immediately after the note was handed over.

Murphy has been charged with unarmed assault with intent to rob. He is currently being held at the Wareham Police Department.

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Posted by: Spherebreaker | Oct 11, 2016 16:13

So glad they caught this thug

Posted by: WantToSeeChange | Oct 11, 2016 18:21

This bum is well known by law enforcement.

From August 25 2016:

"Police said the following three individuals were arrested at the Rosewood Motel on Cranberry Highway:

- Robert Murphy, age 67, Room 28, Rosewood Motel, wanted on six outstanding felony and misdemeanor arrest warrants issued by Malden and Somerville District Courts."

Posted by: bob | Oct 11, 2016 20:58

THE ROSEWOOD...........

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Oct 12, 2016 06:14

Perhaps a warm prison cell holds more appeal than a homeless winter?

Posted by: Swifts_Sheriff | Oct 12, 2016 09:10

Want to see change : Wareham town Officials love these type of people and stories. They love places like the Rosewood, if there wasn't places like the Rosewood that attracts losers like Murphy they cant justify salaries . How else can you explain for the allowance of such crap holes like the Rosewood to exist ?    

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Oct 12, 2016 10:28

Swifts, I echo you!  Well said!  If I wrote that comment I'd get attacked for being negative about Wareham.  Of course I wouldn't have said "these type of people and stories", I would have used my catch all term Warehamy.  This one certainly utilizes the full definition of the term.  Every loser that can't make it in other towns and cities ends up in one of our filthy motels because all sewers drain straight to them!  It would be absolutely no loss if every one burned to the ground with Murphy and those like him inside.      

Posted by: Uptohere | Oct 12, 2016 11:02

It's not the Rosewood per say it's who are allowed to stay. There is nothing wrong with having motels in business it's the clientele that stay there. And I don't agree with changing the motel to meet the client, but the client to meet the motel standards. And that is what needs to be addressed.  Again.

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Oct 12, 2016 11:21

Its a problem generated and perpetuated by the liberals and has been for years. Deny access and you're sued, Profile people and you are sued. Tell the state that we are not taking in homeless and you are sued. We also have people in Town offering services that attract these folks to Town. Its no wonder we have the issues we do when it is forced upon us. It is too easy for the Liberals to warehouse people at taxpayers expense than it is to fix the problems that need fixing. With Hillary things will only get worse.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Oct 12, 2016 11:38

Uptohere, I see your point.  That might work in theory in the Summer after all the filth is eradicated first.  Remember, these motels were originally intended as places for good people to stay in the summer so they could enjoy all the beauty of Wareham and the Cape.  Unfortunately there is very little demand in the off-season.  The majority of the year is technically the off-season.  The motel owners have found a way to cash in on the undesirables.  So much so that they live there all year round!  The good people looking for a summer stay need to go elsewhere!  If you were passing through Wareham, would you stop for a room with your family?  Absolutely not!  A glance at the sights while driving by one of these hell holes keeps good folk from stopping.  They keep going to Bourne or over the bridge.  Wareham loses like usual.  It is a tough situation to remedy.  A clean slate is needed.    



Posted by: Swifts_Sheriff | Oct 12, 2016 13:55

The Town Leaders could easily solve this problem with these "Welly" motels.Limit the amount of time they can  stay on the property . You're allowed a 10 day stay after that Bon Voyage.But they don't so they allow these undesirables to live here and take the town down . And one of these losers ratted Murphy out to the cops and they take him down and it justifies the need for Police



Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Oct 12, 2016 14:28

A year ago we went through this "stay-limit" concept.  Remember how they felt bad and didn't want to impose limits before the winter.  The stay limits were supposed to have been implemented in the spring.  That must not have happened.  Come to think of it, it couldn't have.  The motels don't look at all refreshed.  Same seedy appearance.  Trash, junk by the doors, losers hanging around, beat up old cars.  What about the motel near Robertson's with the eternal yard-sale.  Tables of weathered crap for sale.  Where's their yard-sale permit or license to deal junk? 

Posted by: felinesmom | Oct 12, 2016 14:30

Sheriff, I believe the Board of Health did pass regulations that motel stays were limited to 3 weeks if the unit did not have a kitchenette and 2 months if it did.  Where is the enforcement?  That is what is always lacking in these regulations.

Posted by: Swifts_Sheriff | Oct 12, 2016 14:39

Felinesmom , again if these rules and regulations are enforced and crime goes down what's going to justify police staffing and salaries?  This is somewhat like the Roadrunner and the Coyote cartoon , What would have happened if the Coyote ever caught the Roadrunner, the end of the cartoon.     

Posted by: Snowman | Oct 12, 2016 15:14

S_S.   Tell us more about your plan to disband local Police Departments to drive down crime and how that equates to a cartoon.  Sounds interesting.

Posted by: Chaka | Oct 12, 2016 15:47

Here's my two cents. Turn the motels into senior housing. Combine two rooms into one unit. One room being a bedroom and bath, turn the other into a living room  and convert that rooms bath into a kitchen.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Oct 12, 2016 15:53

Can someone please post the regulations?  Felinesmom believes 3 weeks w/o kitchenette and 2 months w/kitchenette.  I want to know for sure.  Both cases are too long.  Those regs are still in favor of the dirtbags running and dirtbags staying in the motels.  The longest I've stayed in a nice motel was 3 days.  After that we were climbing up the walls...can't imagine 3 weeks in a Wareham dump eating from a microwave.  Unless, of course, I was a transient, a bank robber, a junkie, on-the-lamb, or all of the above!  2 months is an eternity.  That's long enough for the scum to trash the place up like can be seen when driving by.  If it looks like that from the road, imagine the insides!  Another thought, how do they stop people from switching names every 3 weeks or 2 months?  They pile several in one room.  Whenever there is a bust they pull them out like clowns from a clown car.  I'm sure they know all the loop-holes so nothing has changed.  Clean slate is the only way.  Empty theses dumps and start over with proven methods.  How do other towns & cities deal with this issue?  We can't be alone.          

Posted by: Swifts_Sheriff | Oct 12, 2016 16:11

Snowman ,where in my post did I say anything about disbanding Police? I said the only justification I can see for allowing these dumps to operate is the fact it supports PD statistics. As far a the Cartoon figure it out The Coyote chases the Roadrunner to catch it and eat it . If the Coyote ever caught him the show would have ended\. You don't have to be a member of Mensa to figure out what I am saying . If you don't know what Mensa is, look it up

Posted by: felinesmom | Oct 12, 2016 18:56

Wareham, if you go online to the Wareham Courier Oct 15, 2015, there is an article spelling out the time limits.  If the more tech savvy could paste the article on this board we can all read them.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Oct 12, 2016 20:40

Felinesmom, thanks.  I will check it out and try to post it here.

Posted by: Uptohere | Oct 13, 2016 09:32

I completely understand the issues of seasonal income. But this undesirable element in our town needs to be readdressed. The towns standards should be higher not lowered to protect the criminal element.  But I do like the idea of senior housing, with background checks for safety. This guy is 67.

Posted by: Snowman | Oct 13, 2016 10:02

S_S:  Mensa called.  They want your membership card back.

Posted by: Swifts_Sheriff | Oct 13, 2016 12:22

Snowman , what was I thinking you're probably on the take .....

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