Wareham Police: Man demands $100 payment to return stolen iPhone

Jun 25, 2018

A 43-year-old man attempted to extort $100 from a woman he allegedly stole an iPhone from, according to Wareham Police.

On Saturday, June 23, a woman reported that her phone had been stolen from a Fall River MacDonalds the week before to Wareham Police. She said a man recently contacted her, saying it would be returned if she paid him $100. The victim agreed to meet the man at the 7-11 in West Wareham.

Wareham Police officers Steven Soqui and Chris Smith followed the victim in an unmarked car. Officers then confronted the suspect, Mark Avery, 43, of Fall River and recovered the cell phone.

Avery was then arrested and charged with receiving stolen property over $250.

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Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jun 25, 2018 13:57

Awesome story.  Nice try Marky.  All this for a hundred bucks.  Why don't you just get a job for money like other able-bodied 43 year olds?  What a loser!


This is a classic Magnet story.  The phone was stolen in Fall River.  The thief is from Fall River.  The meeting place was Wareham!  Why?  Why here?

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Jun 25, 2018 14:25

So glad they caught this thug

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Jun 25, 2018 14:47

WBTS - "The meeting place was Wareham!  Why?  Why here?"


Maybe because the person whose phone was stolen contacted the Wareham Police?

Posted by: Swifts_Sheriff | Jun 25, 2018 15:50

Andrea , there is more to this story.. when the victim went to meet him he claimed the phone wasn't on him  but was at a local home,     MAGNET in full effect

Posted by: Fortywhat2 | Jun 26, 2018 06:23

Maybe the victim was from Wareham.

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