Wareham Police: Grocery store shoplifter demanded to be arrested

Jul 13, 2018
Photos by: Andrew W. Griffith

Wareham Police responded to the East Wareham Stop & Shop on Thursday, July 12, after a shoplifter allegedly attempted to leave with over $580 worth of goods. At the scene, the shoplifter reportedly screamed at police to arrest her.

Sarah J. Kearley, 32, of Onset, was being detained by loss prevention personnel at the store when Officer George Chandler arrived around 3:30 p.m.

When confronted by Chandler about the stolen items, Kearley began to scream “arrest me, arrest me" over and over again. Kearley's outburst took place in the checkout area of the store which was crowded with shoppers, many including families, police said.

Kearley was placed under arrest and charged with shoplifting, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace. Kearley was transported to Wareham Police headquarters where she was processed and is pending her arraignment in Wareham District Court.

The following morning at 6:45 am, Officer Christopher Corner observed Joseph Deluca, 43, in the passenger seat of a car pulling out of Locust Street onto Onset Avenue.

Corner is familiar with Deluca and was aware of an outstanding warrant for his arrest, police said. The car was stopped in the area of the Stone Bridge and Deluca was arrested before being transported to police headquarters for processing.

Acting Chief of Police John Walcek praised his officers publicly for their diligence on patrol.

“As a result of aggressive action on the part of our patrol officers and detectives, many scofflaws are being arrested and brought to justice,” Walcek said. “Wareham is not going to be a haven for those who break the law.”

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Posted by: cranky pants | Jul 13, 2018 14:41

Holy #2.

We have our own hometown "America's dumbest criminals" television reality series right here in Wareham...

Sweet !

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 13, 2018 14:52

Stop and Steal should sell the security videos of that event!  Can you just imagine how comical it was?  I'd pay to see it!


It's summer, a large percentage of the shoppers crowding the checkout area were likely tourists and visitors.  They saw this fiasco and left with a bad taste in their mouth about Wareham.  They were like "Gee Martha,  this Wareham place is nice to visit, but it's a good thing we don't live here with freaky people like her!"


Oh yea...and Joe my brother, you got off easy.  Sharing this article with the crazy shoplifter keeps the spotlight off you!

Posted by: Swifts_Sheriff | Jul 13, 2018 18:20

Crazy Shop lifters warrants drunk drivers oh my

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Jul 13, 2018 20:42

So glad they caught these thugs

Posted by: Steve Holmes | Jul 14, 2018 06:07

Seems to me one of the common themes is, the officer recognized the person and knew of outstanding warrants. Well if God forbid I got arrested, I would be so embarrassed in a small town I would leave. consider this with the thousands of people these officers see, they recognize YOU!!. You would think they would leave town

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 14, 2018 08:38

Steve-as a respectable person, you possess the ability to be embarrassed.  These types lack that.


Another thought, many of them have already left their hometowns and ended up here.  Wareham tends to attract losers as they ride the downward spiral.  Unfortunately...

Posted by: Steve Holmes | Jul 15, 2018 08:40

WBTS I guess I never thought of it that way, thanks for the compliment. I have made the argument over the past 10 years or so why Wareham is so attractive to business, its location, highway system, tourist etc, I guess I never thought that those would also be good reasons to relocate for a criminal figuring they could fit in with crowds and never get caught. But once they get busted here, you would figure they would move on. If a policeman or policewoman recognizes you in a crowd its definitely time to find a new crowd.

Posted by: Mr. Cranberry Bog | Jul 15, 2018 08:43

Chief Walcek and the WPD have really stepped up the game. Keep up the good work!

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 16, 2018 00:05

Steve - So true, Wareham is perfectly located for business.  Boston is a hour North . Providence is 45 mins South.  We are in essence the start of the Cape to the East.  Rt. 495, 195, 25, & 58 start here.  Rt. 6 & 28 pass through and Rt. 3 is not far.  Wareham is perfect for commercial, retail, industrial, and tourism.  Unfortunately the availability of low cost housing in the forms of converted cottages, subsidized apartments, trailers, and motels makes it a desirable place for undesirables.  I really hope that the lasted crack-down by Chief Walcek and the WPD will begin to thin the herd.  Word will eventually get out that Wareham is no longer a safe haven for criminals.  It won’t happen overnight, but this latest persistence by WPD seems like the best method.

Posted by: David Ricci | Jul 16, 2018 05:03

The WPD are doing great work, I know because I feel it and I don’t do anything wrong. I feel the call to check my inspection stickers... because of their vigilance. Hard work I bet!!!

Posted by: WWareham resident | Jul 16, 2018 08:11

Isn't Chief Walcek still interim Chief?

I don't know about you all but I believe he should be confirmed Chief if he hasn't been already. Kudos WPD.

Posted by: Swifts_Sheriff | Jul 16, 2018 10:54

WBTS and Steve,   Wareham is perfectly located criminals. Just drive down the Cranberry High Way and look at all those Flea Bag Welly Motels and go into some of the neighborhoods and see some of these cottages that are rented out year round.

I will give you guys one of my better analogy's . If my dog takes a poop and it doesn't get picked up within a few days Fly's and Maggots show up. Gentlemen enough said ….

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 16, 2018 11:45

Swift's - well stated.  That's the frustrating thing about it all!  Anybody that doesn't see that is either in denial, never reads the paper, or never leaves the house!


This town is beautiful!  Especially on a day like today.  So sad that there's such an underbelly.


One thing though, most Warehamy stupidity is amateur hour, thug wannabe crap.  Search up what happened in Weymouth yesterday.  So sad.  I'll take our stuff over that!

Posted by: Swifts_Sheriff | Jul 16, 2018 12:57

FWBTS, What happened in Weymouth was one of the worst things that can ever happen. The Rat that shot the Officer only had one thing on his mind and that was to escape from being captured . No respect for human life just escaping. I hope I am wrong but it maybe only a matter of time in Wareham. Just last week a detective spotted a local Scumbag  with a warrant in traffic at an accident scene. According to this site the  Scumbag tried to flee the Detectives custody.

Ok I promise this will be my last Analogy. The criminal is like a Rat that’s caught alive , When you catch a Rat alive  the Rat will do anything to escape. God keep an extra eye out for our boys in blue ....

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Jul 16, 2018 14:28

Its to bad that the Weymouth Officer had to die due to having to deal with the nonsense of the Demo-rats . He should have blasted the guy right in the face but was worried about the repercussions from the terrorist groups BLM and the DNC. Instead its a good mans family that lost a loved one.  

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