Wareham not only town with sober house issues....

By Theresa ONeill | Jan 20, 2012

Salem wondering how to deal with two deaths at a sober house...   See story:

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Posted by: KAREN SPINKS | Jan 21, 2012 15:06

In my opinion, sober houses/rooming houses have gotten away with flying under the radar for a long time.  It's a lucrative arrangement for the landlords who charge around $500 per month for a room.   Rooming houses are often an alternative to homelessness which is probably why regulating them has never been a politically high priority.   












Posted by: ladyhawk50 | Jan 24, 2012 20:31

Well Karen, it's seems that you know alot about this topic, so please explain to us where the funds are going to come? Insurance companies have already cut some of their services over 60%. You think these landlords make alot of money?They don't and i know that for a fact. How about the other side of the story, but who wants to read about that, cause theres no drama there, Justin, the one writing this story, has got about 1/2 of it right and the rest sounds like he could make alot of money selling a book, because that's all it is 1/2 true, 1/2 fiction and the mother of the gentleman that died there, she's changed her story SEVERAL times and her fiance yelled at the owners of the building to "Get a good lawyer"! What for? A drug addict that overdosed and died? Now there's a surprise, a drug addict overdosed.  So before you people start leaving comments on something that you absolutely know nothing about, get all your facts and offer suggestions that would financially support people with this disease.

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