Wareham man charged after utility pole crash

By Matthew Bernat | Mar 15, 2017
Courtesy of: Ted Hatch Eversource crews work to repair a utility pole that was snapped in half during a car crash early Sunday morning.

A 40-year-old Wareham man has been criminally charged after his car crashed into a utility pole, which sheared the pole and left the car upended on its roof for several hours.

According to Wareham Police, the car, a late-model BMW, hit the pole at 1:15 a.m. in front of 25 Onset Ave. on Sunday. After snapping the pole, the car flipped onto its roof.

Police said Taikarsh Mattos was found outside the car and complaining of severe mouth and jaw pain as a result of the accident. He was transported to Tobey Hospital for treatment.

Following an investigation, police charged Mattos with operating to endanger, failure to stay within marked lanes and speeding.

According to Onset Fire Chief Ray Goodwin, the accident was an atypical one for his department.

“They completely sheared the pole off,” said Goodwin. “That’s no ordinary feat.”

Electric company Eversource was called to the scene to make repairs. In addition to the pole, Goodwin said an Onset Fire Department alarm box attached to the pole was damaged. It was repaired the next day after Eversoruce's work was finished.

In total, 12 Onset Fire Department members responded to secure the scene.

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Posted by: Spherebreaker | Mar 13, 2017 14:23

Wow, 12 OFD members responded, must have been a heck of a fire.

Posted by: Society for Suppression of Noise | Mar 13, 2017 15:28

It was a BMW.  Many of them may have been hoping to fan the flames.

Posted by: kevinc687 | Mar 14, 2017 07:47

1:11 AM, i wonder where they were coming from. Did anyone check the alchohol level or check to see if there was an unfinished text on their phone?

Posted by: WWareham resident | Mar 14, 2017 10:42

Whoever it was must have been flying to break a telephone pole in half. That takes a serious collision to do that and after 1 AM there must have been something else involved they are not telling us. Also, why not name the driver? They were obviously taken to Toby Hosp so they know the persons name I am sure of it.

Posted by: wtbarber | Mar 14, 2017 14:32

The person is extremely lucky to be alive.

Posted by: greycat | Mar 14, 2017 20:09

1:11 am and the sun is shining or the car remained there for at least 6 hours.

Posted by: bob | Mar 15, 2017 15:02

The story says cause accident unknown...But he is issued a citation for speeding,mark lanes violation and operating to endanger....

Posted by: Matthew Bernat | Mar 15, 2017 15:10

Hi Bob, That was an oversight on my part, thanks for catching it. I forgot to remove that last sentence after updating. It's been corrected.

Posted by: rhbinma | Mar 15, 2017 15:26

Nstar is out of business its Eversource now

Posted by: Warehamlifer | Mar 15, 2017 17:15

WWResident it does say the name,I just don't know how to say the first name.whether he was driving or not,I guess that will be up to a court appointed lawyer to prove.

Posted by: Rosebud | Mar 16, 2017 09:38

Sphere, it's the OT!

Posted by: tesno | Mar 16, 2017 10:01

I am not sure where you all come from but just because someone gets in a accident at that time of night don't mean they were drinking or texting. How do you know he didn't have a seizure or some type of medical problem while driving..ever think of that...


Posted by: Spherebreaker | Mar 16, 2017 10:12

It could have also been a dropped blunt, needle or mushroom

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Mar 16, 2017 10:23

Sphere and Rosebud - Unless it's changed in recent years, Onset Fire Department is not staffed at night, but rather is an on-call basis, with emergency calls going out to firefighters for assistance wherever they may be at the time of an emergency. The number of on-call firefighters needed depends upon the type of emergency and the level of assistance it may require. Considering: an injured driver, (Onset Firefighters staff responding ambulance)  sheared off telephone pole, flipped over car (potential fire/explosion//evacuation/oil spill) all in a residential neighborhood poorly lit in the dark of night with a road where people obviously speed at the hour of the accident, I think the number of responding firefighters was reasonable.

Posted by: Rosebud | Mar 16, 2017 12:40

Andrea,  I was not aware that the Fire Dept. is not staffed at night.  Thank you for the information.

Posted by: greycat | Mar 16, 2017 21:30

Onset Fire Dept is staffed 24/7/365 with at least 3 in the building.

Posted by: WWareham resident | Mar 17, 2017 09:01

WAREHAMLIFER, my comment was from Wednesday on the original article where the driver was not named. I obviously can see they are now.

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