Wareham Health Board fines Family Dollar Store $300

By Matthew Bernat | Jul 18, 2018

Management of the Family Dollar Store at 137 Marion Road has been fined by the Wareham Board of Health after failing to keep a clean store and for disregarding previous warnings from the town’s health agent.

On Wednesday, July 18, Francisca Perdomo of Family Dollar appeared before the board alongside attorney Carolyn Miller who represented the discounted goods chain.

Board members handed out a $300 fine and Health Agent Robert Ethier will reinspect the store in 30 days. If the store doesn’t pass inspection its license to operate “will be in jeopardy,” according to Board of Health member Dr. Thomas Gleason.

Ethier recommended the health board request that Selectmen suspend its license to sell if the changes aren’t made because Family Dollar Store upper management ignored his requests to clean the store.

“I feel there’s a reluctance to adhere to the health code,” said Ethier. “It’s not acceptable to have a business looking like this in the Town of Wareham…This is not reasonable, this is gross.”

Officials said the Health Department received at least four phone calls complaining about the store about a month ago. On June 13, Ethier inspected the store and found it in a “state of disarray” along with dirty floors. Ethier noted the store has been warned about the floors in the past. The store was fined $150 in 2009 for a similar violation.

Because the store has a retail food permit, meaning food is sold but not prepared on site, it’s subject to Board of Health inspections.

“If this were a restaurant and the conditions were the same they wouldn’t be able to operate,” said Ethier.

Miller said her client wanted to work with the board on the issue.

“Family Dollar Store doesn’t want there to be concerns about the cleanliness of their store,” she said.

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Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 18, 2018 21:38

The headline is incorrect.  The Family Dollar is one store.  The Dollar Tree is another similar store.


That Family Dollar has been going down hill lately.  I ran in there for paper cups the other day.  It was a mess.      Merchandise piled up, aisles were blocked, and the help was disengaged.  Seemed like I was interrupting their cell phone time when I went to check out.

Posted by: QueenBee | Jul 19, 2018 08:17

Is this the store that is in the same plaza as Shaw's?  If so, I totally agree with the above article.  This place is a pit.  I recently went in to purchase a disposal plastic bowl.  I would never purchase any food item in there that's for sure and WBTS, you are correct. I too interrupted the employee's cell phone conversation.  Shut them down!!!!

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 19, 2018 13:45

Yup, Family Dollar is in with Shaws.  Here's the thing.  Usually chain stores are fairly consistent due to corporate protocol.  Family Dollar stores are everywhere and they are all nearly the same.  It is odd that one in Wareham is allowed to run so poorly.


Same with our Burger King.  My kid loves Burger King!  Burger Kings are all the nearly the same.  Go anywhere...drive 1000 miles...inner city...the burbs...the county...they are kept at a certain basic standard by their corporate management.  However, take a trip to our Burger King!  Last time I was there in the spring it was dirty, shabby, worn out, dated, had dead potted plants, was understaffed, had long wait for food that didn't taste as good as Burger King food elsewhere.  The self-serve soda machine was gross and all worn to the point that you couldn't read the buttons!  The bathrooms were all worn out and gross!  One would think that corporate management would hold all to the same standard.  Who has been there lately?  Is it still like that?


Posted by: Society for Suppression of Noise | Jul 19, 2018 14:45

Yup, as is Taco Bell.  McDonald's has cleaned up their act but it's still nearly impossible to wash your hands in McD's restrooms.  Out-of-town franchise owners is my guess, upholding their vision of Warehamy standards.  My fast food days are nearly over since moving here.  Probably a good thing.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 19, 2018 15:04

Too bad!  That just something else making it hard to shake the image.  Wareham looks bad to visitors if they have a nasty experience at a common fast food place that's usually safe to eat at.  Water Wizz attracts thousands.  They stop at BK for a bite.  There's a good chance it will be a substandard experience.

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Jul 19, 2018 17:21

I agree with the BK comments. That place is pretty gross and the large cashier needs to wash her uniform more than the monthly treatment it looks to be getting. The walls, windows and any surface for that matter is just filthy dirty. I used to go often but stay away now

Posted by: QueenBee | Jul 20, 2018 07:55

Have any of you folks who patron BK notified the corporate office or the board of health in Wareham of the filth and poor conditions you have encountered?  I go to Wendy's or KFC once in a while but have not been in BK or MacDonald's at all.  This is deplorable and an embarrassment for visitors to see.  On another note, I was at Bailey's last night with my husband and around 8:00 p.m. somebody backed out of a side parking lot and hit the front right side of the building sideswiping the whole area.  Folks were sitting at the window table and corner table eating and fortunately the window did not break and nobody was hurt.  We were seated in another area. The police were never called which I thought was strange and when I inquired if they were called the waitress said "no" and I was told the manager was taking care of it.  They said the man was a "regular" and he stepped on the gas instead of the brake.  I am now wondering just how long he was at the bar.  Just a question, don't you think?  There is damage to the front right side of the building.  Go take a look.  This person could have killed somebody and nothing was done.  I now wished I had called the police and really can't explain why I did not.  Shame on me.  I guess we don't always do what we should or what our instincts tell us to do.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 20, 2018 10:47

Queenbee-good question!  Quick answer is no.


As my comment indicates, I am aware of what a BK experience should be like.  It's not the Capital Grill or Ruth's Chris, it's BK.  The place should at least be clean and well kept and the $7 combo meal should at least taste and look like $7.  The one in Wareham appears not to meet those minimal standards but I "assumed" that the BOH must frequent all the fast food restaurants.  They are the "health police", right?  Just as I trust that WPD patrols our town, I also trust that the BOH patrols our town.  Heck, how hard is that?  Although surprised by the obviously bad conditions at BK, I figured that it must meet the minimal BOH requirements.  Otherwise how can it be that way? How can something so obvious be that way for months? It takes 3 minutes for Mr.  BOH to stroll in there and see everything mentioned.  And that's not even taking into consideration what's "out back".  Can ya just imagine?


The BOH must be aware of the conditions at BK and they must deem it as acceptable.  I deem it unacceptable so I haven't been back to Wareham BK since early spring.  Unfortunately that's what most will do.  There's other BKs and a million other places to eat.


Oh yea, Bailey's.  Well, those things happen.  He could have had 10 beers in him and proceeded to crash head on into a bus full on Nuns on his way home after hitting the building.  Or he could have been drinking ginger ale and just made a mistake.  Nobody will ever know.

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