Wareham Health Agent details department's response to shooting threat

Jul 19, 2017

Health Agent Bob Ethier said an email that locked down Wareham Public Schools on the first day of summer programming indicated a shooter was “locked in a closet” and that the threat originated from a hard to trace, overseas website.

On Wednesday, Ethier informed Board of Health members about the department’s response to that threat, which prompted a massive law enforcement presence that included several SWAT teams, State Police and officers from across the region on July 10.

“I have to say it was an unbelievable response,” said Ethier. “Everybody was in place. Everybody knew their job.”

For its part, the Health Department provided food and water for parents and children waiting to be reunited at the Gleason Family YMCA, which served as a central meeting location for evacuated students.

The initial order included 200 pizzas that was eventually reduced and “cases and cases” of water donated by Shaw’s Supermarket.

Ethier noted that parts of the department’s contingency plan for addressing an active shooter situation were activated. Ethier credited Wareham Police, including Lt. John Waleck, for coordinating the response, which he described as an “unbelievable exercise” once the threat turned out to be unfounded.

“I hope to God it never really happens,” he said.

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Posted by: Spherebreaker | Jul 20, 2017 08:19

Surprised they didn't inspect and fine Shaws and pizza joint. Maybe they thought they would be safe for a while from the power hungry BOH if they paid them off with pizza and water.

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