Wareham Boy Scouts retire flags, get a lesson in fire safety

By Meghan Neely | Jul 12, 2018
Photo by: Meghan Neely Firefighter Andrew Rowley teaches members of Wareham Boy Scout Troop 39 how to use a fire extinguisher following a flag ceremony on July 12.

Boy Scouts from Troop 39 gathered at the Wareham Fire Department on Thursday, July 12, to honor and retire six American flags.

The flags were collected from the community via donation boxes set up by a Wareham Eagle Scout three years ago.

"We don't necessarily know the origins of these flags," said volunteer Aprilleigh Lauer. "But we've been entrusted to honor them with the retirement they deserve."

According to Lauer, participating in a flag ceremony is mandatory for junior scouts looking to advance in rank.

One flag was chosen to represent the six donated and was raised in front of the fire department. Members of the troop pledged allegiance to the flag before lowering it for the final time.

The six flags were then burned to ashes with scouts maintaining vigil.

Firefighter Andrew Rowley was present throughout the ceremony, assisting the scouts with the raising, lowering and burning of the flags.

Rowley took time to teach the scouts about fire safety and also showed them how to properly use a fire extinguisher after the ceremony.

The ashes from the flags were collected by Lee to be buried.

Firefighter Andrew Rowley lowers the American flag with the help of April Lee. (Photo by: Meghan Neely)
Rowley talks fire safety with Boy Scout troop 39. (Photo by: Meghan Neely)
One of six American flags is retired at the Wareham Fire Department. (Photo by: Meghan Neely)
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Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 12, 2018 20:52

Wareham Week- thanks for the quick response to my previous comment!


This is a great experience for the boys!  Thanks WFD!

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