Wareham boxer turns disappointment into opportunity

Jayshawn Morgan earns TKO in first amateur match
By Tim Demski | Jun 29, 2017
Courtesy of: Tim Deski Amateur boxer Jayshawn Morgan with his girlfriend Dasia Andrade.

Jayshawn Morgan, a Wareham native, has spent most of his life outside of the limelight. However, he recently stepped into it after earning a technical knock out in his first amateur boxing match.

On April 29, Morgan defeated Corey Provechkin in the third round.

Rewind to a couple years ago, when Morgan decided to pursue a boxing career. Cerebral and soft spoken, friends were surprised when Morgan announced that he was part of an 11 card event at the Bridgewater Vets Club.

Throughout his life, he’d been more of a peacekeeper than a troublemaker. But for Morgan, boxing was a chance to prove himself after a high school athletic career where he worked hard to improve, but still felt overlooked by coaches.

With his work ethic cultivated by his family at an early age, Morgan committed to building his body and learning the art of boxing. He started training six days a week with David Mahmoud at the Top Notch Boxing Gym in New Bedford. On top of that, he works two jobs, is studying for his real estate license and is a student at Massasoit Community College.

Morgan began his athletic career in the ninth grade as an overweight football and basketball player. Many of his coaches and teammates from his early years recall Morgan’s determination to push through tough practices. He forced himself to get into shape and had some success, especially as a junior in basketball. However, he never got the playing time he felt that he deserved in either sport as a senior.

“I feel as if I was still perceived as the husky kid and was judged by my weight and not by my heart and desire,” said Morgan. “It is still very puzzling to me.”

Morgan never hung his head, blamed coaches, or made excuses. He decided to create his own opportunities through college, working, and boxing.

“My father and I always enjoyed watching boxing. I decided to really start studying some of the greats. I watch footage of Ali, Tyson, and Hagler in particular, learning various techniques from each of them,” he said.

At the same time, he worked on his cardio, strength, and core to get into the best condition possible.

There were 45 to 50 friends and family members cheering for Morgan as he provided the only knockout of an opponent of the night at his first fight.

“Boxing is more of a mental mind game than it is physical…I visualize how I will control the fight and create a positive outcome. Controlling my breathing is key,” he said. “Studying the greats have helped get me ahead of the curve and given me confidence with what I have to do to win.”

Three veteran boxing experts (they don’t willingly give many compliments) have said Morgan has quick hands and is a willing and fast learner. Morgan’s progress will be on display at his next fight, set for July 20 at The Last Resort, 325 Farnum Pike Road, Smithfield Rhode Island. For more information, email mcapp48@gmail.com.

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