Wareham Benny’s roof partially collapses in storm

By Matthew Bernat | Jan 04, 2018
Photo by: Matthew Bernat Onset firefighters respond to Benny’s after the building’s roof partially collapsed on Thursday.

The Onset Fire Department, National Grid and Eversource were dispatched to the former Benny’s Thursday afternoon after the building’s roof partially collapsed during a fierce storm.

Onset Fire Chief Ray Goodwin said the call was reported at approximately 2:20 p.m. An inspection revealed the building, located at 3066 Cranberry Highway, was damaged and part of roof had collapsed. National Grid and Eversource crews were called to shut off gas and electricity to the vacant structure.

In September, the owners of the Rhode Island-based department store chain announced all locations would be closed. The Wareham store was shuttered soon after.

Additional information is unavailable at this time.

Comments (3)
Posted by: Spherebreaker | Jan 04, 2018 17:43

Hopefully new owners took ownership so we don't end up with another derelict building in that area. The foundation at cranberry highway and main ave is obscene. The owner should be fined daily. If I remember correctly he promised that location would be shining star after it burned.

Posted by: OnsetTogether | Jan 04, 2018 17:54

Sphere, totally agree!

Posted by: rhbinma | Jan 04, 2018 20:29

No they would rather pick on the pawn shop and smokers


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