Wareham Area Litter Mob Kicked Trash, Along the Wareham River!

By Wareham Area Litter Mob | Jan 09, 2012
Photo by: forageporage Wareham Area Litter Mob's 2nd STORM

What a fabulous day along the river!  Who would believe Jan 8th would be sunny, in the upper 40s and no snow?  As soon as Henry and I arrived at our meeting spot, other Mobsters came storming in.  As is her way, Karen Spinks was first to dive in and start filling her barrel.  Harbormaster Gary Buckminster, and his assistant, Jamie McIntosh, handed out heavy trash bags; and in minutes the tracks and river banks were loaded with Mobsters.  If I counted correctly, there were 33 of us; including, Andy Costello, Sandy Slavin, Mickie McTerna, Jennifer MsGuiggan, Mike Russell, Jim & Mary Bruce, Kathy Cahill, Paula & Steve Mueller, Mark Tower, Cheryl, Mike & Josh Flaherty, Barbara Maciejewski, Kris and Andy Thompson, John & Connie Wiliszauski, Maureen DeWitt, Joyce & Johannes, Ann P. Hammond, Barbara Thomas, the Café Soleil family, and Joe Chruniak.  Before long we had exceeded out goal of reaching the Train Depot and were headed toward the Narrows Bridge; where it got really ugly! We were in the bushes, scaling rocks and combing the tracks. Many folks repeated the same comments, "Wow, what a mess", "Wow, it's beautiful here", "Wow, I had no idea", Wow, this is a perfect day", "Wow, this was a great idea, "Wow, many hands make easy work", Wow!"  And there we were, all the way down to the bridge, all loaded up.  Most of us were too pooped to continue, however, the Harbormasters lead a crew of about ½ dozen Mobsters over to Bessie Park, where they finished the perfect STORM!  Several times my son, Henry, stopped to tell me, "Mom, you did this."  I had to tell him, "No Bud, WE did this.  By myself I would still be behind the firehouse, spitting and sputtering, knowing it was a hopeless cause.  Together, WE made a difference." Truth is, you all made a dream come true for me.  I love this river; it's my sanctuary, my respite, my comforting friend.  My greatest hope is that when folks come here and see it clean, they will keep it clean.  Thank you all; for coming out, joining in, working hard and making Wareham a better place..  We are so grateful for all the help from Harbormaster, Gary Buckminster and Assistant Harbormaster, Jamie McIntosh; with out you we would have a huge pile of trash to contend with.  Also, special thanks to Marie Viljoen; this really was a great idea!


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Posted by: backwoods8 | Jan 09, 2012 19:54

Thanks for planning this event, Linda! This was a great morning and I was amazed at how far we got so quickly. Just when seeing all the trash around town gets you down about people(the dirtbags), this restored my faith. There's always more good ones than bad ones. I was very happy to see Mr Buckminster and Jamie represent the town and provide the bags, gloves and trucks. I am looking forward to the next Mob Scene. I am rooting for Trashbrook Rd(Redbrook), Minot Rd and Cranberry Hyway near Dicks Pond (across from Wal Mart). I think these are the filthiest ghetto look a likes in the town.

Posted by: Wareham Area Litter Mob | Jan 10, 2012 06:04

Thank you for joining in.  I agree with everything you said, here.  Double on the faith part!  Litter Mobbing has restored my faith in myself, my neighbors, my town and my community.  We owe all the thanks to Marie Viljoen, Momma Litter Mob; as this was her idea.  When I left our Mob Scene, sunday, I walked back along the tracks; where we had just plumbered.  It was so beautiful I cried.  There were no nasty diapers, no scarry hypodermic needles, no empty nips, no party remains, it was clean!  I have never seen this area clean.  I stopped to kneel and give thanks to our Creator and all of you; for this wonderful gift.  Like you, I can't wait to Mob, again!

Posted by: decaf | Jan 10, 2012 11:48


It's nice that this is being done but I think it stinks that all of the businesses couldn't occasionally send an employee out to do a little cleanup. Most likely it is those employees who drop a good amount of the litter to begin with. I haven't walked the tracks lately but i used to enjoy walking my dog there. One thing I always noticed was what a disgrace the Feed Store building was. Not only did it look like it should be inspected for safety as it appeared to be in tough shape but the hay spewed around on the ground seemed to be a fire hazard. They also had ripped and torn bags of garden products on the ground also. Behind the banks were receipts and many envelopes that were used by the bank to give people thier money in at the drivethru. Maybe they should have asked the customer if they actually needed one. I'm just wondering how much trash has blown there or how mucvh was tossed minutes after a customer left the bank. Seems to me these businesses should be held responsible fo at least a portion of the clean up. .... just my two cents worth.

Posted by: Wareham Area Litter Mob | Jan 11, 2012 12:28

I agree.  There were several area business owners in attendance; The Cafe' Soleil family, The Bait Shop and Morse Lumber owners and our Harbormasters.  Surely, as word spreads, more will join in.

Posted by: WantToSeeChange | Jan 16, 2012 22:17

Talk about litter!  Although this may be a sensitive topic, and those who grieve do it in their own way but I would like to see an end to the release of helium balloons in memory of a deceased person.  These balloons don't just disappear.  They come back to the earth and oceans as trash.  Unsightly and dangerous to wildlife.  I personally think that this "tradition" should cease.  There has to be a better way to honor the dead than this.  Sorry if I have offended anyone with this post.

Posted by: backwoods8 | Mar 22, 2012 18:57

Are we still meeting at the Decas school Sat at 10am to hit Minot Rd?

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