Wareham ALDI grand opening stirs shopper excitement

By Lydia Goerner | Nov 30, 2017
Photo by: Lydia Goerner Marlene Gomes gets excited about ALDI produce.

The grand opening of ALDI in Wareham Thursday morning saw a long line of people waiting outside for the ribbon cutting, some arriving two hours before the store opened.

"ALDI! ALDI! ALDI!" the group chanted, clutching their reusable shopping bags and undeterred by the cold.

“My girlfriend asked me to come and she said I’d better be here,” said Michael Baptiste, the first one in line to enter the new grocery store. It was his first time in an ALDI and he got in line at 6 a.m. to be the first to enjoy it.

To celebrate the opening of the first Wareham store, the first 100 customers received a “golden ticket” with ALDI gift cards of various amounts. There were also products around the store to be sampled by eager new customers.

The store, located at 2419 Cranberry Highway, is part of the $3.4 billion investment plan ALDI recently announced to expand to 2,500 stores by the end of 2022. There are currently more than 1,600 stores in 35 states.

ALDI shoppers can expect to save between 30 and 50 percent on their grocery bill, said Patrick McDermott, director of operations. The product range offers 90 percent private label products, making the shopping experience more streamlined, he said. ALDI also focuses on being sustainable, with energy-efficient lighting and refrigeration and no free plastic bags for shoppers.

Katherine Brown, a Wareham resident who arrived at the store early in the morning, was excited to fill her shopping cart.

“I’m glad it came to this region because they have terrific prices,” Brown said. “And their store brand is just as good as any other brand.”

Bruce Persohn, South Windsor division vice president of ALDI, said the line of more than 50 people outside the store is typical of an ALDI grand opening.

“We always have a long line, a lot of inquisitive shoppers and a lot of excitement,” Persohn said. “Our prices are very difficult to match and customers enjoy the quality of our products.”

Kris Nelson, who visited the store in the morning and planned to come back after work, said the new grocery store was a need for Wareham.

“Any place that can give Stop & Shop a run for its money is alright by me,” Nelson said.

ALDI will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

People wait in line for the doors of ALDI to be officially open for the first time. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
Michael Baptiste of Wareham was the first one in line to get in the store on Thursday morning. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
Katherine Brown examines a cabbage. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
Gerald McKinney hands out samples of cheese and crackers to shoppers. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
Kris Nelson is one of the first to check out at the new store. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
A long line of people wait to go into the store before it opens. Some got in line two hours before the opening. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
Comments (10)
Posted by: cranberry bog | Dec 01, 2017 06:03

Does ALDI carry organic produce and meats?

Posted by: Phredzzz | Dec 01, 2017 08:30

It depends on what definition you choose to use for the word "ORGANIC"??? Several recent studies, including one by Consumer's Reports have found that less than 40% of all Food Products which were advertised and labeled as Organic could actually be validated.   After looking at all factors, including Nutrition,  Price, and deceitful/fake Advertising claims the findings indicate that anyone willing to pay extra money for something of questionable value, should just go ahead and make whatever purchases they feel comfortable with. For everone else, the recommendation was to NOT waste your money on a product  just because it has a Label which says it MIGHT be Organic.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Dec 01, 2017 09:22

I've heard that there's already been foul play regarding the quarters for the shopping carts.  That didn't take long!  Welcome to Wareham, ALDI!


Those that are not shopping and have no business being there have been locking the carts together to get the quarters!  Imagine that!  The quarters in the carts belong to ALDI to cover the cost of gathering the ones that aren't returned.  They're stealing from ALDI during the Grand Opening!  Quarters...stealing quarters!  How petty. Bottom feeders are opportunists, no doubt!


Please, no bleeding heart responses justifying the theft.  I'm sure some will say "boo- hoo...it's ok because people down on their luck need the quarters to buy food". Stealing is stealing and unless food comes in a bottle or gets injected, they probably ain't buying food with the stolen money!  I can't prove that hunch...but I'm pretty sure.


I was supposed to be toning it down for the Holidays, but how can I with this kind of nonsense going on?

Posted by: Steve Holmes | Dec 01, 2017 12:31

WBTS - Quarters for carts?? Are these like the carts at the airport? I have never heard of that at a shopping store. How do people lock the carts together?

Posted by: Archangel | Dec 01, 2017 12:34

Now that's just ridiculous, WBTS. Hey, you don't think it was any of your "shady" friends looking for some scratch so they could build a nest for their eggs;do you?

By the way, where were you when this happened?  :)

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Dec 01, 2017 12:48

Steve, The carts are all held together in their storage area by individual chains.  It's like a train. A quarter is placed into a slot in a lock mechanism on the cart to release a cart from the end. The quarter stays with the cart as you shop.  After unloading groceries into your car you roll the cart back and lock it to another cart in the storage area.  Your quarter then comes out.


If carts are left in the lot they need to be gathered by ALDI.  ALDI gets the quarters to cover the cost of shagging the cart.  I was informed that people were locking the carts together out in the lot and stealing the quarters.


Imagine that...

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Dec 01, 2017 12:56

Here's a video.  It's brilliant for honest people!


Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Dec 01, 2017 13:17

Arch, you again?  Jeeze!  It wasn't me...honest!  I was out of town when it happened.  BTW, the shady friend thing was completely rhetorical.  To ensure nobody would take me seriously, I even said "maybe I have some shady friends" My friends are all upstanding members of the elite...you know that!  I have been a witness to their tomfoolery and kept the others at arm's length over the years. They are amusing and fun.  And yes, you are correct about birds of a feather.  Associations have been made.  Made me stronger.  Had to prove myself. All ended good.  Have a good day :)

Posted by: cranberry bog | Dec 02, 2017 07:21

Organic:   I guess going to the stores that are more informed about where the food comes from and the credibility of the labels might be a better choice.

Posted by: Phredzzz | Dec 02, 2017 08:59

To Cranberry Bog. You are correct! The Consumers article said it is almost impossible to track a foodsource and the history of what types of fertilizers and pesticides were used by the growers. so the answer for anyone who wants to buy truly "Organic" vegetables is to form a relationship with an Organic grower in your hometown. Otherwise, you are probanly paying a lot of extra money for nothing. One of the Organic  Growers from an Asian  country was filmed using human waste to fertilize his field. Nobody in his community complained because mostly all of the farmers were doing the same thing.

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