Village Motel plans expansion to meet Board of Health regulations

By Matthew Bernat | Oct 18, 2017

In a bid to meet Board of Health regulations, avoid fines and possibly the loss of a license to operate, the owner of the Village Motel plans to expand the building.

On Wednesday, owner Tom Melanson of New Bedford again appeared before board members and presented a plan that would add 7 feet of space in the back of the building, located at 2739 Cranberry Highway. That would allow Melanson to convert the motel rooms into studio apartments.

Joining him was Brian Grady of GAF Engineering, who Melanson hired to explore the possibility of renovating the motel rooms to meet town standards and allow current guests to live in the motel longer than the town’s 21-day limit for guests.

That was one of several motel regulations that took effect in 2015. That year, the board imposed a 21-day limit on how long a guest can remain in a motel or hotel room, a 90-day limit on stays in efficiency units and it required motel and hotel owners to provide certain services, such as maid service and fresh linens and towels.

In August, Health Inspector Patrick MacDonald said he found guests were staying longer than allowed at the Village Motel and that required amenities, such as toiletries and housekeeping, weren’t provided. Board members then ordered Melanson to draft a plan that would bring the motel in compliance.

Grady said expanding the building would allow for the addition of kitchenettes, which are required for studio apartments, but not motel rooms. Grady noted he will start speaking with the Conservation Commission and building inspector to explore the possibility of increasing the building’s footprint.

“We’re in the early stages now,” said Grady. “There are a number of things going on with the property that will impact if we will be able to do that.”

Chief among those issues is the building’s proximity to wetlands that include a stream that runs behind the motel, he said, adding that wetland laws will determine if the plan is feasible.

“That’s a step in the right direction,” said board member Catherine Phinney.

Grady said he and Melanson will appear before the board next month with an update.

“The important thing is you’re making progress,” said board member Thomas Gleason.

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Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Oct 18, 2017 21:09

The so called stream is more than 50 feet from the motel and is nothing more than the northernmost tip of a tidal creek leading to the Agawam River that probably receives more run-off from Cranberry Highway than anything else.  Adding a mere 7 feet of space will have zero influence on the stream and surrounding wetlands.  Even if the Conservation Commission really flexes their overzealous muscles and digs deep into their holster and pulls out the "30-foot no activity zone" to stop this, Melanson should still be ok because the proposed is far enough away.


The Conservation Commission need to look at the big picture.  There's a junkyard full of boats abutting on the West.  Another junkyard full of boats and trucks to the East.  An apartment building abutting to the South.  And a concrete block factory across the highway to the North.  It isn't like this place is in a pristine resource area.  Give the guy a break and worry about environmentally sensitive areas worth worrying about.

Posted by: Knocked for six | Oct 19, 2017 22:04

Isn't that a the printing company?

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Oct 20, 2017 01:57

Behind the printing company is a bunch of stuff like boats and trucks.  Shows on most recent Google Earth.

Posted by: WantToSeeChange | Oct 20, 2017 19:34

Woah, that IS a lot of boats and vehicles.  Doesn't the town have a limit on the amount of unregistered (I am assuming they are) motor vehicles on a property?

Hopefully this project can move forward.

Posted by: BeachLover | Oct 20, 2017 19:52

The board ate not only stored behind the graphics shop there is boat repairs being performed.  Can be very noisy at times.  Why would a "boat yard" be permitted so close to residential housing?

Posted by: Society for Suppression of Noise | Oct 20, 2017 21:17

Hahahahaha!  Yes, there is a limit to the number of unregistered vehicles one can have on one's property.  It's in the town bylaws.  Hahahahahaha!  Good luck with enforcement.  It's not as important as say, some motel not providing daily maid service.  Or selling cigars for $2.99 instead of the required minimum of $3.  Hahahahaha!

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