Used car sales approved for corner of Main Avenue, Cranberry Highway in East Wareham

By Matthew Bernat | May 22, 2018
Photo by: Matthew Bernat Selectmen Chair Alan Slavin, left, and Selectman Patrick Tropeano discuss a plan to sell used cars in East Wareham.

A proposal to sell used cars at the corner of Main Avenue and Cranberry Highway received swift, unanimous approval from Selectmen on Tuesday.

The business, known as Buzzards Way Garage, will be located at 3067 Cranberry Highway. The spot is currently home to Pro-Team Quick Oil Change.

In 2017, a Taunton-based developer filed papers with the Wareham Planning Department to build a Sonic Drive-In at the location. However, the application was withdrawn later that year due to space constraints.

Selectmen approved a Class II license for the address to allow the sale of used cars on the property. In total, nine vehicles, including the occasional boat, will be parked on the lot for sale.

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Posted by: Just Me1 | May 23, 2018 06:50

Welcome to the Wareham used AutoMile.

Wasn't a limit placed on the number of cars to be displayed on the lot across the street when that use was approved?  What happened to that?

Posted by: totellthetruth | May 23, 2018 07:37

If memory serves me: The car lot had a 50 car limit.  BTW Pro-Team has been selling Boats at their site for quite some time now.

Posted by: felinesmom | May 23, 2018 09:41

When did Wareham become such a hot-bed of used car dealerships?  In the 4 1/2 years I have been here full-time, 4 places have opened, this place is moving forward and there was a plan to convert the empty site across form the West Wareham post office into another one.


Posted by: Steve Holmes | May 23, 2018 10:26

Several years ago I proposed we add i believe 12 licences. Along with the addition of licenses, we beefed up the requirements, concerning liability, repairs, # of cars etc. We have added a few and rejected some since that change. I think for the most part, and next time i am in town i will take a ride to see, but the folks have followed the requirements and keep a neat, orderly site, and to my knowledge have had very few complaints. And when complaints have come in the BOS have done a good job at quick resolution. They create a few jobs, and increase business to our local auto related businesses, auto parts, repairs, conditioning etc. I dont know the exact number today but this might be the last one.

Posted by: Steve Holmes | May 23, 2018 10:30

In those changes we also did away with passing licences to new owners, which was a problem at the time. Similar to a liquor license if you stop selling cars your licence goes back to the Town. And is offered to folks on the waiting list, and new owners have to apply for that license. If you have 10 or more cars site plans and other requirements kick in as well.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | May 23, 2018 12:45

Pro-Team is a clean, modern, well-kept establishment.  The paved lot is in great shape.  The building is attractive.  There have been some very nice, high-end boats there.  So nice that I've pulled in there to admire them.  Letting them sell 9 vehicles and an occasional boat is nothing!  Good luck to them.  There is absolutley no reason for concern.


Now, stand at Pro-Team and look to the West as Jimmy Page says.  Take a look at the monstrous charred foundation!  Overgrown and surrounded by junk and filled with junk.  Random ugly free boats have been displayed around it as well as random used cars & campers & whatever.  That place burned 5+ years ago and remains a hazardous eyesore and junk collector like many others in town.  Another massive whitehead on Wareham's forehead! Where are the complaints on that abomination?  Structures like that make Rt.6 in Wareham look like Rt.1 in Wrentham, south of Gillette Stadium.


We need to embrace a business that wants to improve.  I tell ya, if I had a magic wand or a bulldozer, that foundation would be high on the list of things that must disappear in Wareham!  There's dozens of boarded up houses, many boarded up businesses, filthy seedy motels, and a few trailer parks that need a good tornado that I'd worry about long before 9 used cars and a boat for sale.

Posted by: Spherebreaker | May 23, 2018 13:08

If I remember correctly the owner of the charred foundation stated in news reports that this location was not going to be an eyesore after the fire,  apparently something has changed. That whole complex is an eyesore, loaded with graffiti and bad art. How they ever got a permit to market fleas there is beyond me. Take it by eminent domain and make that the new commuter rail station serving Wareham and Buzzards bay. It would be an asset to both Towns.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | May 23, 2018 13:35

Where's the accountability in such a statement?  I recall that too.  Guess he wasn't a man of his word.  And I guess Wareham either doesn't care or can't do anything about it...or a little of both.  I'll never forget the Town Meeting (years ago) during which a gentleman presented "the Dirty Dozen".  12 of Wareham's worst abandoned, dilapidated houses were targeted.  He explained how Walpole solved their dilapidated house issue.  We just had to follow suit.  He shared a solution that worked in a town just an hour away!  I was floored and flabbergasted at the Selectmen (at the time) and town lawyer's resistance.  Rhetoric consisted of every excuse in support of the owners as well as the liability and Wareham's inability to enforce.  What a crock of BS!


How can we pride ourselves on being the Gateway to Cape Cod when many places look more like the gateway to a crackhouse!  If that offends anyone I suggest you lift your head from the sand and take a look around town before firing me a comment full of blind support.  I'll pass several abandoned, dilapidated houses just on my 10 minute ride through town on my way home from work tonight!  If they've disappeared since yesterday, I apologize and I'm all ears for criticism.


Oh yea, that flea market!  My young daughter had never been to a flea market so she questioned me about them as we drove by it.  I pulled in, knowing the actual experience was worth a million words.  Man-o-man, was it ever!  Aside from the merchants, the merchandise, and the clientele (those are topics for another time...oh my), the building should be condemned!  Rain water was leaking in many locations.  Large plastic sheets were tacked to the ceiling to catch and divert water into buckets.  The plastic sheeting was clear and the water was stagnant.  The sheets hung with bellies of green/brown water!  My daughter joked about how nasty it would be if one of them burst and all that water fell down on her!  Funny kid!!  But she was right.  What a place.  Felt like taking a shower after leaving!

Posted by: bluebird | May 24, 2018 01:28

About the Flea Market location, sounds like it has just got worse there, but the roof leaked and there were buckets all over the place back when OUTRAGES was located there. Quaint, but I see why they moved to a better location in the old (original Wareham location?) Benny's Building. I kind of miss OUTRAGES!


Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | May 24, 2018 09:19

OUTRAGES was the best!  Not everyone that owns a boat is wealthy.  That place was made for the average Joe with a boat.  I loved it there.  West Marine used to be somewhat affordable back when it was EB Bliss up in Braintree, Waltham, & Dedham.  Now it's crazy expensive!    Luckily the Marine store at Atlantic Boats isn't too bad on certain items.  Their best deal is multi season bottom paint for $99 a gallon.    It's twice that at West!

Posted by: brazz | May 24, 2018 19:17

Let's hope it doesn't get filled up with golf carts instead. What can/does the town do with these properties that are just rotting away? Just drive along cranberry highway and you'll see town companies with cars up on jack stands for years, buildings with yellow caution tape all over them.

Posted by: bob | May 25, 2018 06:57


Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | May 25, 2018 11:07

Brazz & Bob - It's an age old issue that's hard to comprehend.  It's common sense to keep things decent looking.  We all keep our yards & properties looking nice because it's a reflection of us and it sets a good precedence.  Why towns like Wareham don't share that logic is beyond me.


As indicated in my comment above about the Dirty Dozen.  The reasons were ridiculous.  Here's a few: If the taxes are up to date and the structure is secure there is nothing the town can do...BS.  If there is a safety or security issue the town cannot enter the property to resolve because that's trespassing...more BS.  If the owner claims they cannot afford to resolve the issue there is nothing the town can do.  I recall them chuckling about how they "can't squeeze water from a stone"...even more BS.  They totally took the sides of the deadbeat property owners!  Probably because they know some of them...or they are some of them!


More recently I had a conversation with the Director of Inspectional Services.  He cried "overwhelmed".  He told me that there is no way to respond to the new incoming complaints, nevermind follow up with the ongoing hot spots like Maytag, Greer, etc.  The Dirty Dozen has increased exponentially! He told me stories about hoarders and unsanitary conditions in occupied places that outweigh the abandoned places that we all see. Gotta love hearing that from him.


It's a big issue!

Posted by: bluebird | May 25, 2018 14:00

The "Abandoned" Gas Station, if you mean the old GETTY station next to the FD station, Last year there was a proposal t ore-open it, but the Town kept putting roadblocks up in front of the new owner, preventing him from getting approvals. One big one is the Town ban on any new gas stations, but it's not new..... been there for decades! Well, see.... it ceased operation as a gas station before hte current owner bought it, then the Town stonewalled the new owner just long enough to prevent him fro mbeing able to get it "grandfathered" in. So, now it sits........ unused!


WBTS, I miss how WEST Marine was when they first started to open stores around here, is was GREAT! Like walking through their catalog, and they had almost everything, with sales persons that KNEW boats! Now, it is more of a clothing store, hte boat supplies are overpriced and they have either bought out of forced all the competition out of business. Why I refer to it as "WORST MARINE". However, I'll have to check out Atlantic Boats, would really prefer to go to a local business anyway, best one (besides Outrages) used to be Nautical Nonsense on RTE 6 in Fairhaven, but BOAT/US came i nand they couldn't compete, when WEST bought out BOAT/US Stores, that was the last neail in the coffin of Nautical Nonsense. I used t olove shopping at all the small local chains and indepedants, until WEST bought most of them out (BLISS/EB, POST Marine, M&E Marine, Goldbergs, etc)

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | May 25, 2018 15:58

Bluebird- that Getty happens to be in between the Wareham Fire Station and The Wareham Fire Station Office.  It also happens to be in front of and blocking the Wareham Train Station.  Let's just say that there is others interested in the land it sits on.  If the owner gets beat down long enough and bad enough, he may surrender.  Or maybe I'm way far off base?


And yes, the Marine store at Atlantic is not bad.  They have specific motor parts and they have the basics when it comes to general boat supplies.  Mooring hardware, trailer parts, paint, wax, oil, zincs, gas tank stuff.  Prices are not bad.  Not like Worst Marine!  I like that!

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