Two-car crash slows traffic on Cranberry Highway

Mar 26, 2017
Photo by: Matthew Bernat One of the cars involved in the crash is towed from the scene.

A two-car crash in front of Wendy’s Sunday afternoon slowed traffic on Cranberry Highway as crews tended to the scene.

The crash occurred just before 3 p.m. According to emergency broadcasts, one person was taken to Tobey Hospital for evaluation after apparently suffering minor injures.

Wareham Police, EMS and Onset firefighters responded.

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Posted by: Doctor Deekas | Mar 27, 2017 13:12

Wareham Week should just have a whole section dedicated to Cranberry Hwy accidents, we can count on them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis!

Posted by: Snowman | Mar 28, 2017 10:18

Yep.. the frequency is alarming.  I avoid Cranberry Highway if at all possible even though it adds several minutes to my commute which is already over an hour.

I ask again if Wareham Week will do some investigative reporting on any progress from surveys that have been completed to reduce the wrecks on this stretch of road.

Posted by: Steve Holmes | Mar 29, 2017 07:19

It's like Seekonk Speedway between the car wash and Bennys, cars swerving between lanes. Passing on the right hand side. I always see a Wareham police officer with someone pulled over, but they can only get one or two at a time. We have lost soo many lives in that stretch of road. Maybe some speed bumps along the way would help. I think the speed limit is 45 but if you tried that you would be the next one in the ambulance.

Posted by: Snowman | Mar 29, 2017 09:26

Thanks Steve.  Any input and ideas we can have on this topic are appreciated.    Any idea what the process would be to get speed bumps or "speed islands" installed to give a subtle reminder to slow down?

I see the WPD out there pulling over people but like you said they can only do so much. 

What about having left turns eliminated in that stretch?  Is that possible?

Posted by: Uptohere | Mar 29, 2017 11:15

It's not the road that's to blame it's the idiots on the road. It won't matter what you do to the road as long as selfish crappy drivers don't care about anyone else but themselves. Lights don't stop them from speeding or texting or whatever else they want to do.  Are there cameras on the road? I don't like a big brother idea but that's the only way to catch some of them. And you can bet it's not just this section of road they drive like this.

Posted by: cranky pants | Mar 29, 2017 12:17

No left turn out of Wendy's, big sign right there.... People turn left every four minutes. That package store next to Wendy's is even worse with people cutting drivers off to get in and out.

Figure out a way to divide the highway in front of those two places and you'd cut your traffic accidents down by half I bet.

Posted by: Chaka | Mar 29, 2017 14:25

I've posted this same comment six times. Put up the orange jersey plastic barriers between the McDonald's and water whizz. Two days work. Cost under ten grand. It's such an easy solution, that I have to believe that the powers that be DONT want it solved. That or they are beholden to might McDonalds. Probably number two.


Posted by: Snowman | Mar 29, 2017 17:09

Plastic Jersey Barriers filled with sand would be a terrific improvement on this stretch of road.  This should be implemented tomorrow.  Some people will cry and moan but they will get over it find something to complain about.

Great idea Chaka.

Posted by: Chaka | Apr 03, 2017 16:04

Thank you Snowman. I appreciate your props!


Posted by: Society for Suppression of Noise | Apr 03, 2017 21:19

Don't hold your breath.  It's a state highway.  In Massachusetts.  I know of one simple overpass that took over six years to repave.  This state rarely repaints lane striping.


I read this just today in the Boston Herald:

"Overall, our state spends $675,000 per mile per year on road maintenance. Only Florida and New Jersey spend more than us. The average spending across the country is $161,000 per mile.  Massachusetts spends $74,000 on administrative costs per mile."


Can you spell Banana Republic?

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